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UCC holds online coffee quality contest in Vietnam

UCC is a coffee-making company that contributes to coffee production around the world

This is a delicious Vietnamese coffee made by mixing condensed milk with tasteful coffee. Set of a coffee and sandwich is a famous local breakfast in Vietnam.

UCC is a coffee-making company that contributes to coffee production around the world. They help producers make high-quality and sustainable production of coffee. UCC is attracting attention as a coffee production area in Vietnam. The announcement of the “UCC quality contest 2021 Vietnam” was held online, with participants from Japan and Vietnam.

This contest has been held since 2001 with the goal of developing the coffee industry, and this year it was held for coffee farmers in Dalat, Vietnam.

UCC staff visited local farmers to assess the taste of coffee and management of the farm and to check with UCC original sustainable list. In the UCC contest, seven farmers won the prize.

The winner was “Le Thi Chung” who participated in this contest for the first time.

UCC holds online coffee quality contest in Vietnam

A Vietnamese chef was also invited to make Vietnamese coffee and sandwich.

“Coffee in Asia is a very important beverage. Coffee farming in this region has good scope in the future. If the farmers in coffee bean-producing countries are highly motivated to grow coffee, the quality of raw beans will improve. We think that sustainable development goals (SDGs) are necessary so that people around the world can keep drinking delicious coffee. We are gearing up for our commitment to our consumers. So, please look forward to our upcoming activities,” said Rie Sekine, UCC Holdings.

“We expect Vietnamese coffee to be sold and become more and more popular in Japan,” said Ta Duc Minh, Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam in Japan.

This year, the UCC quality contest is celebrating its 20th anniversary and the commemorations have been held in six countries including Africa and China.

For the first time, UCC has set sustainable development goals perspective on a checklist and it is contributing to the development of new coffee culture around the world

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