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Ethiopian Airlines Dismisses BBC Report on Somali Airspace as “Inaccurate and Distorted

Ethiopian Airlines Challenges BBC Amharic Report, Asserts Continued Use of Somali Airspace.

Ethiopian Airlines has vehemently refuted a recent report by BBC Amharic regarding its purported cessation of the usage of Somali airspace for flights to Asia. The airline categorically labeled the report as “inaccurate and distorted,” emphasizing that it continues to utilize the Somali airspace for its operations.

BBC Amharic, in its report, alleged that Ethiopian Airlines had announced the suspension of flights over Somali airspace due to purportedly unreliable traffic services provided by Somalia Air Traffic Control. The report further claimed that the decision stemmed from safety concerns following a near collision incident involving Ethiopian Airlines and Qatar Airways.

Mesfin Tassew, the CEO of Ethiopian Airlines, was cited in the BBC Amharic report allegedly confirming the cessation of Somali airspace usage. However, Ethiopian Airlines swiftly rebuffed these claims, asserting that no such decision had been made. The airline clarified that it had not halted flights over Somali airspace and challenged the accuracy of the BBC report.

In a concise statement circulated on social media platforms, Ethiopian Airlines asserted its stance, denouncing the BBC Amharic report and urging for corrections. The airline highlighted that it had formally requested BBC to rectify the misinformation presented in their publication. As of the time of this statement, BBC has not responded to the request for correction.

Additionally, Ethiopian Airlines issued a press note reaffirming its commitment to transparency and accuracy in its communications. The airline clarified that neither its Group CEO nor any official representative had declared Somali airspace as unsafe for travel. Ethiopian Airlines also debunked a purported letter circulating on social media allegedly addressed to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), emphasizing that it was fabricated and the airline had not authored such correspondence.

The airline’s firm rebuttal underscores its dedication to maintaining the integrity of its operations and ensuring clarity amidst circulating misinformation. Ethiopian Airlines remains resolute in its adherence to safety standards and continues to operate in accordance with established aviation protocols.

As the aviation industry closely monitors developments, Ethiopian Airlines’ swift response serves as a reminder of the importance of accurate reporting and transparent communication within the sector.

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