Chinese incursions into Taiwan gather pace; could turn out to be a matter of concern

As many as 71 Chinese air force planes have made their entry into the Taiwan air defence identification zone

Even in the midst of the Covid surge, China seems to be going ahead with its incursion in Taiwan. The Taiwanese defence ministry has found that the Asian communist nation is in the process of making inroads into the island nation’s territory via the sea and the skies.

A BBC report that quoted data from the Taiwanese Ministry of Defence, China is taking out what needs to be believed as the largest incursions through the skies and the seas around the tiny nation.

The data has further revealed that as many as 71 Chinese air force planes, including a fleet of fighter jets and drones, have already make their entry into Taiwan’s air defence identification zone. The island nation has a self-ruled status. However, China’s interests weigh large on the country as it has been seeing Taiwan as a breakaway province that needs to be reunited with the Chinese mainland.

Chinese action a matter of crisis for Taiwan

This has been a matter of crisis for Taiwan for long. The issues have grown manifold with China not relenting in its efforts to sweep Taiwan into its own geography.  The US stance on the issue has not gone down well with Beijing and it has time and again opposed the US administration taking sides with Taiwan on the issue. Earlier this year, when Nancy Pelosi, the US Speaker of the House of Representatives visited Taiwan, the event sent China fuming.

The Chinese response to Pelosi’s visit was that it held its biggest-ever military exercises in the seas around Taiwan. Beijing had also blocked some trade with Taiwan. This was seen as an extreme provocation from the part of China by Taiwan.

Peace, the need of the hour

Now, with Chinese aircraft crossing over the median line, the Chinese action has taken a more offensive route.  In the meanwhile, Chinese authorities maintain that these were just “strike drills” carried around Taiwan and were done in response to what Beijing believes is a provocation from the island and the US.

Where all these exercises from China would lead to is anybody’s guess. The world needs to be at peace, but it seldom seems to be happening. China would at the moment need to address its Covid issues that are attracting much attention from the outside world.

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