West lambasts China for zero democracy in Hong Kong polls; China hits back

Even as the western nations flay Beijing rules in Hong Kong polls, China accuses them of meddling with its internal affairs

The elections in Hong Kong are over. The results are also out. More than 90 percent of the seats were won by pro-Beijing candidates. The poll process has ended, and is now closed.

But in the West, countries are lashing out at China. The reason being stated is that the Hong Kong elections were not democratic. They have said that the election process in Hong Kong had eroded democracy in that country.

However, China isn’t amused. The communist nation is angry too. Even as the criticism from the western nations piled up, China hit back at the West, accusing the criticizing nations as meddling with its internal affairs.  The country has reiterated Hong Kong is China’s Hong Kong.

The electoral process in China-controlled Hong Kong had seen sweeping changes this time around. The Chinese administration had even made it a rule that all candidates would be vetted by Beijing.

When polling happened, the voter turnout was abysmally low. Though Hong Kong has 4.2 million voters, only 30.2 percent queued up to cast their votes.

Five Eyes critical of Beijing stranglehold in Hong Kong polls

The rule changes, low voter turnout and all have visibly irked the western countries, which believe that democratic processes are being sabotaged in Hong Kong, by Beijing. Foreign minister from an alliance known by the name of Five Eyes, comprising the US, the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, went to the extent of accusing China of even toppling the very idea of an Opposition in Hong Kong.

According the foreign ministers of these nations that lie west of China, Hong Kong had seen candidates with diverse political ideologies contesting in elections. However, China has meddled with that and made sure only pro-Beijing candidates contested. This has done away with a meaningful Opposition. They feel that democratic values don’t exist in Hong Kong anymore.

It isn’t just these nations that are blaming China for the death of democracy in Hong Kong. The G7 group of developed nations and the European Union also have criticised the East Asian nation. The G7 nations have called upon China to end what they called the oppression of those who promote democratic values and the defence of rights and freedoms, it has been reported.

China condemns West criticism

China isn’t at all happy with the allegations and the blame it has been forced to take. China’s embassy in Australia condemned all accusations, saying that the Five Eyes alliance has been reversing the truth and trying to interfere in the politics of Hong Kong. This, according to China, amounts to meddling with its internal affairs.

China is of the opinion that the polls in Hong Kong were free and fair and had received the support of all people.

All said, it also needs to be noted that Beijing had declined permission for a few former people’s representatives who had been criticising, to contest the elections. Many are in prison too.

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