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Chengdu residents forced to deal with lockdown amidst quake

Chengdu, which was rocked by an earthquake, houses 21 million people who are under strict lockdown as a preventive measure against the virus.

There has been much hue and cry in the Chinese city of Chengdu, as the people were dealt with double blow. The Covid-19 lock down, which had already resulted in rising anger, turned out to be a nightmare when a massive earthquake rocked the region leaving at least 65 people dead.

As the earthquake that measured 6.6 in magnitude triggered panic and fear, the people were all indoors and trapped. The lockdown was on in the city over fears of a coronavirus spread. News snippets that flooded Chinese social media brought to light an even sadder picture.

Chengdu residents battle quake, lockdown

Residents, who experienced the quake, had been trying to get out of their homes fearing they would get trapped under the debris if the quake persisted. But then, these residents were stopped from getting out of the lockdown scene even when they were screaming with fear. Video footage that have appeared in social space can only be watched with worry.

This act by the officials have given rise to resentment. People who were running out to save their lives were made to stay where they were as the exits were shuttered.

China’s Covid prevention measures are said to be going overboard with the administration resorting to locking down when virus cases are detected.

China’s lockdown norms stretch too far

As for Chengdu, the city houses 21 million people who are under strict lockdown following an official decision to have people stay indoors so that they don’t contract the virus.

Significantly, officials go for complete lockdowns even when a tiny number of cases are detected. That has been making residents feel undue pressure of staying indoors for extended periods. In these locked down areas, the people are not allowed to set foot outside their homes even if they do not have the virus.

When the quake struck, the residents staying indoors panicked and had rushed out only to be stopped and forced to go back in. The resentment has been growing, and it remains to be seen how residents would react.

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