January 24th: International Day of Education – Significance and History

International Day of Education is proclaimed by the United Nations and is being celebrated for the past 2 years.

One of the human rights is right to education. No person should be denied the right to getting educated. Role of education in global peace and sustainable development is significant. To celebrate its importance, every year on 24th January, International Day of Education is observed. 

History and Significance

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 24th January as the International Day of Education. This day was dedicated to the contribution of education in the development of the nation. This day was proclaimed on December 3, 2018. Nigeria and 58 other countries co-authored this resolution. In 2019, this day was celebrated for the first time.

Education is essential for many reasons. It offers a child the ladder to climb out of poverty and improve their life. It promises a bright future to them and opens doors towards various opportunities. About 265 million children and adolescents around the world do not have access to schooling. This needs to be changed so that they have a good future. 

January 24th: International Day of Education - Significance and History - Digpu

Theme for International Day of Education, 2021

The theme for the year 2021 is ‘Recover and Revitalize Education for the Covid-19 Generation’. The global event for the day will be held on 25th January, Monday. The three main segments of the event are learning heroes, innovations and financing. 

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