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January 15th: Indian Army Day – Significance and Celebrations

Indian Army Day is an opportunity to celebrate the warriors who keep our country safe and united at all times.

The Indian Armed forces include three professional uniformed services: Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force. The Indian Army is the largest component in the Armed Forces and works as the land-based branch. The Indian Army ensures national unity and security. On 15th January every year, Army Day is celebrated.

History and Significance

On 15th January 1949, Field Marshal Kodandera M. Cariappa took over as the first commander-in-chief of the Indian Army from General Sir Francis Butcher, the last British Commander-in-chief of India. In recognition of this historical day, Army day is celebrated each year on the same date. Today, India is celebrating the 73rd Army Day. 

January 15th: Indian Army Day - Significance and Celebrations - Digpu

On this day, the soldier’s of the country are honoured at the Army Command Headquarters. Along with this, all the soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for the country are also honoured. 


Every year as a celebration of this day, a parade is organized at the Cariappa Parade Ground of Delhi Cantonment. The salutes of the parade are taken by the Indian Army Chief. For the first time in history, in 2019, a women officer, Lt. Bhawana Kasturi became the first lady officer leading the contingent comprising of 144 officers.

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