Xiaomi unveils new smart glasses concept; discontinues ‘Mi’ branding on Indian products

Xiaomi Smart Glasses unveiled a day before the 15th September mega event where the tech firm is expected to launch a bunch of products

Smart devices manufacturer Xiaomi Corporation will hold a mega event on 15th September, where the firm is expected to launch a bunch of new phones and tablets.  To keep up with the excitement, the company unveiled its new concept product, Xiaomi Smart Glasses today. Xiaomi has also decided to discontinue the ‘Mi’ branding from its Indian products.

The smart glasses were unveiled with the tagline – ‘Smart wearable device concept’.  The company’s announcement described the glasses as ‘an engineer’s look into an advanced future’, not an actual product with a price point or a shipping date.

CEO Lei Jun posted about the Xiaomi Smart Glasses on his Twitter feed

Xiaomi Smart Glasses display set to charm market

The glasses, when they actually arrive, would weigh 51 grams and will be able to display important notifications, make calls, take photos, and translate text in real-time.  The concept unveiled has a teleprompter function. “The monochrome display is smaller than a rice-grain,” the company said in the announcement.

The display technology allows for a compact screen with better brightness levels and higher pixel density than LCD and OLED panels.  The display chip measures only 2.4mm and 2.02 mm. It can reach brightness up to two million nits while the individual pixels are of 4 μm. 

MicroLEDs display uses optical waveguide technology, which refracts light at 180 degrees. Using a grating structure, the image will be projected onto one of the lenses. “By adopting optical waveguide technology which refracts lights at 180°, the MicroLED display accurately transmits light beams to the human eye through the microscopic grating structure of the optical waveguide lens,” Xiaomi said.

Priority notification in Xiaomi Smart Glasses

Xiaomi Smart Glasses will create alerts for only the important notifications, and won’t disturb users with every single notification their phone gets. Users will be able to see smart home alarms, notifications from office apps, and important messages sent by their contacts. The XiaoAi AI Assistant is the ‘primary interaction method’ with the glasses.

These glasses boast a 5 MP camera on the front and built-in dual beamforming mics and speakers to take calls. The glasses feature a quad-core ARM processor, battery, touchpad, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth modules, and Android OS.

The not-so-detailed announcement gives us a sneak peek into the future and tells us that they are working on this particular product. Hopefully, Xiaomi will launch the product soon after bundling all of the intriguing concepts into it. 

Xiaomi to discontinue ‘Mi’ branding

Xiaomi will drop the ‘Mi’ branding from their Indian products to unify its global brand presence.

The business and the corporate side will retain the logo as earlier. Xiaomi’s product portfolio featuring the ‘Mi’ branding will change to the prefix ‘Xiaomi’ and the new logo.  However, the new logo will only be available on its premium products.

The Chinese technology firm, according to a News18 report, has said that the products manufactured under Redmi will carry the same logo. The new logo shift will also reduce the perception gap between their brands and products.

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