Meet Spot, the robot that walks and acts like a watch dog

Spot has been deployed to keep a guard along the stone alleys of the famous archaeological park at Pompeii, in Italy

He is called Spot, and is in charge of monitoring and keeping a guard along the stone alleys of the famous archaeological park at Pompeii, in Italy. As he goes around carrying out his duties around the hard to access nook and cranny of the archaeological park, Spot is seen with respect and wonder by the many tourists who come to see Pompeii’s ancient ruins. If you are wondering who Spot is, let’s tell you his story.

Spot is a robot dog that has been tasked with guarding the stone alleys of the park in Pompeii. Painted in yellow and black hues, Spot walks around like a dog and is watchful of all that is happening around the sprawling ruins of the archaeological park.

The robotic watchdog, apart from just walking along the stone alleys, is also tasked with something more. As he strolls around the park, the robotic dog also gathers data and makes it a point to alert his handlers with regard to safety and structural issues, said a report. Spot alerts handlers on underground structures that make are not accessible due to safety standards and narrow tunnels where danger lurks.

Spot Robot Dog
Spot, the Robot Dog

Spot surveys the park, collects data

According to officials quoted by the report, Spot also makes it sure that his eyes are on surveying tunnels dug out in clandestine excavations. These Illegal excavations still are common in the area.

Spot’s tasks may be seen as huge considering that the excavated ruins at Pompeii extending over an area of more than 109 acres. The archaeological site is an important tourist attraction in Italy, as it preserves the remains of the ancient wealthy city south of Naples. Incidentally, it need to be recalled that Naples was buried by ash that flowed out of the Mount Vesuvius when it erupted in 79 AD.

Built by US company Boston Dynamics

Spot has been created as a watchdog robot and weights akin to a normal Golden Retriever. All of 70 kilograms in weight, Spot is controlled remotely with a tablet. The robot dog, carries a $75,000 price tag, has been deployed on a trial basis at Pompeii. Significant is the fact that the robotic watchdog is better equipped than people to survey certain areas of the park, and that makes Spot a wonder.

Built by Boston Dynamics of the US, Spot could have its uses in construction, mining and manufacturing industries, and can be tasked with carrying out inspections and data collection. Boston Dynamics is a company specialising in robotics, including for the military.

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