Atlas, Boston Dynamics’ humanoid robot, learns new skills

A new video shows Atlas pick and throw heavy objects, do a backflip, and other amazing things at work.

Boston Dynamics’ Atlas humanoid robot is in the news once again. A recently released video shows that it has a bunch of new skills, and in it the the robot displays many a difficult task such as lay out wooden planks, throw heavy objects, and more.

It was in 2013 that the Atlas humanoid robot was put on public display, after having made with the intention of carrying out search and rescue tasks. The 1.5 meters tall robot that weighs close to 86 kg is battery-powered .

Atlas has been created in such a way that it can move around obstacles, join work at construction sites, and even move seamlessly – like making dance moves too.

The new video brings to the fore the manner in which Atlas goes about showing off its sensible athletic skills. The robot is show in the video as carrying and tossing up a bag of tools to a human worker standing on top of a multi-storeyed scaffold. The fluent motion makes onlookers wonder at the way the robot clutches, grasps and tosses the tool bag, and also scaling the ladder and many more tasks. Atlas is also shown as pushing a box and then jumping down with an easy inverted 540-degree flip.

Atlas perceives surroundings, and acts accordingly

The makers have ensured that Atlas perfectly reads the surroundings and responds accordingly. The video exhibits the robots knowledge of the environment as it goes about aiding human workers in seamlessly carrying out the jobs entrusted with it.

Comes with good updates

The robot has been gifted with some awesome updates that would make it excel in jobs that its human colleagues can perform with ease. That makes it one step ahead of the labour that humans put in. The big upgrades that have brought to the control software ensure better productivity, ese of work and seamless locomotion of the humanoid robot, it has been reported.

Besides, the Atlas humanoid robot has been imparted skills such as visual mapping and object perception, which in turn allow it more accuracy in whatever it does.

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