ChatGPT, Bard rival in the works at Apple?

Apple careers page in the US has listed a few roles that would shed light on the fact that generative AI tools are indeed art of the plans.

Is Apple readying its own Generative AI tool soon? With the advent of Open AI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, we need to expect that Apple might too think on those lines. But the company has not yet come up with any such proposition on the public space.

Going back a few years, we need to remind ourselves that Apple had made an innovation possible through the launch of Siri. It was in year 2011, that the Siri virtual assistant came into being, and that was indeed a revolution in the technology arena.

Apple Siri, a game changer

Unheard of until then, the advent if Siri brought to the free a new concept if virtual voice assistant that can be made to do a number of things, including playing music, telling jokes and more.

Three years later, Amazon came up with its own voice assistant by the name of Alexa.  These two had attracted the attention of the whole world familiar with the advances in technology. Later on Microsoft and Google brought forth their AI chatbots – Bing and Bard respectively.

Though the world was expecting Apple too to jump at the opportunity, the Cupertino-based company did not do that. The company seemed to be staying off efforts to create generative AI chatbots. But how long would Apple hold on from being tempted?

If you are someone who has been to the Apple US careers page, you would tend to think that the company is fast readying its own generative AI tools. A report says that the careers page has listed a few roles that would shed light on the fact that generative AI tools are indeed art of the company’s plans.

Generative AI positions listed

The careers page has listed tech roles such as multimodal generative modelling research engineer, visual generative modelling research engineer and machine learning engineer – Generative AI positions are up for filling at Apple as it seems like pushing forward to create its own world of generative artificial intelligence.

This is something we infer, going by the available positions listed down on the company’s hiring page. We would love to hear Apple make an announcement of it, before we confirm this. But then, if that happens, we would be in for something superlative as the tool that Apple would be making would battle against ChatGPT, Bard and also Bing.

However, we need to wait to see more on that. Watch this space as we go looking for more on that.

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