Apple’s no-charger policy puts iPhone maker in Brazilian soup

Apple iPhones sold without chargers seen as ‘abusive practice’ by Brazil judge

Getting a charger bundled along with every smartphone you buy had been the norm. But then, things have changed as at the moment. For, phone buyers, particularly those who swear by Apple iPhones have found their iPhone model being served to them without the charger.

This practice of device boxes giving the respective chargers the miss came into effect when Apple had stopped including outlet chargers with its new iPhones in October 2020. The reason attributed to this new move as that the company was trying to help cut down on electronic waste.

The reason looks justifiable. However, spending so much on a smartphone that doesn’t have an outlet charger accompanying it, was indeed a problem for most customers. As consumers all over the world started smirking over Apple’s new ‘no charger policy’ it seemed like Apple would have to address the issue.

Brazil judge imposes $20-mn fine on Apple

But the company hasn’t shied away from its policy of implementing the no charger policy. The Brazilian customers who are iPhone enthusiasts however were not willing to let go.

A Sao Paulo civil court judge, acting on a lawsuit filed by the Brazilian Consumers’ Association, has brought a new ruling. The association had taken the issue to court and the Brazilian judge slapped a penalty of close to $20 million on Apple. Pointing out that Apple has adopted an ‘abusive practice’ which forces customers to buy an additional product, the ruling came against selling iPhones without chargers.

No charger with iPhone policy invites consumer ire

It may be recalled that Brazil’s justice ministry had slapped a separate penalty of close to $2.5 million on Apple in September over the same issue. The ministry had also asked Apple to halt sales of its iPhone 12 and 13 models if they are sold without outlet chargers.

The judge has also directed the technology major to provide chargers to all the Brazilian consumers who had bought iPhone models 12 or 13 in the past two years. The Cupertino based iPhone maker was also asked to begin including chargers with all new purchases.

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