Banking on people’s fear to make money, anti-5G products found far more harmful

Companies found to be making harmful anti-5G products while claiming that they protect users from 5G signals

Fear thrives in a world governed by a variety of concerns. Even as technology makes one leap after another, ushering in services and gadgets of the new world, a certain section of the world’s population always tends to be wary of the fallouts of new innovations that take over.

This is exactly what has happened when telecommunication technology has grown. After 4G and its mega successes, the telecom scenario is set to bring to the fore the next generation in communication.

5G is eagerly awaited by a larger chunk of the global population and they look forward to faster communication measures that are being brought into people’s lives. Mobile companies, gadget makers, telecom network providers and all are fully geared up to welcome 5G.

Anti-5G necklaces are dangerous, finds Dutch body

But there have been concerns too. Many people around the world are wary about the ill effects of 5G technology, and the worst nightmare they expect radioactivity as a fallout of ushering in this new technology.

Though the World Health Organisation (WHO) has already clarified that 5G mobile networks are actually safe, a good number of people in The Netherlands have not been able to come to terms with the situation. Though WHO reiterates that 5G is not fundamentally different from 3G and 4G signals, a certain section of the Dutch population believes that the 5G signals can be radioactive and extremely dangerous.

Trying to make the most put of such a fear, a handful of companies went about manufacturing devices such as necklaces and arm bands that promised protection from the “radioactive” 5G signals. However, what these companies made have been found out to be emanating harmful ionising radiation.

Going by what the Dutch authority for nuclear safety and radiation protection (ANVS) has found, as many as 10 new anti-5G products, which claimed capabilities of protecting people from 5G radioactivity, actually produced harmful radiation!

Public cautioned not to use these products

The ANVS has cautioned the general public not to use these products. It has warned public not to use these products branded with names such as energy armour, sleeping mask, bracelet, necklace and such. A company even made a product called Magnetix Wellness, which comes in the shape of a bracelet for kids, and this one too was found as highly radioactive!

People of The Netherlands will not get these products to buy from stores anymore as a follow up to the ANVS warning. In Britain too, a similar product in the shape of a USB stick, claiming to offer protection from 5G, was pulled from sales counters by the UK’s Trading Standards.

Now that 5G is round the bend, telecom companies would have to go the extra mile to convince the people that the signals are safe. The fear element, however, continues to hover around and that could even cause more danger through the sale of harmful products that come branded as anti-5G. Regulatory bodies might swing into action with warnings and awareness measures soon.

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