Android 13 update hits battery life in Google Pixel 6 phones

Battery drain has been reported as users find it hard to use Pixel 6 phones after Android 13 OS update

Pixel 6 users have found themselves in a spot. Ever since Google doled out its Android 13 update for the device, users of the handheld smartphone have been made to deal with a strange experience.  They have been experiencing fast battery drain on their device ever since the update came about.

The Android 13 update was outed for compatible Pixel phones in mid-August after months of beta testing. But it looks like something went amiss in the process. The update has been successful enough in fixing more than 150 bugs specific to the Pixel, but issues kept creeping in

Users of the Pixel 6 went into a tizzy after the update was installed. They have complained that ever since the OS’s release, they were hitting problems in wireless charging and RCS. And the issues did not end there.

Android 13 update brings with it battery issues

After installing Android 13 so many Pixel 6 owners have been reportedly struggling with severe battery drain. This situation was so bad that they had to charge their phones several times in a day. The Pixel 6 users took to Twitter and also Google’s support forum and began scribbling in complaints about their phone’s battery life touching new lows when on Android 13.

The situation turned out to be too bad with many users finding their Pixel 6 and 6 Pro devices running out of battery juice by afternoon even after they had charged them in the morning. Not just the Pixel 6 variants, but a slew of Google flagship phones that came out after 2021 had reported this problem.

The reason behind this unique and difficult situation is not yet known or explained. Google, even after multiple instances of user complaints flooding its user forum, has not acknowledged the issue, said a report. That means, the only option for users is to ditch the Android 13 update as early as they can.

Pixel 6 users impacted as battery dies in a matter of hours

If you are still looking or Google’s intervention in the matter, it would be great to look for solutions in its support page. It may be termed normal to experience battery drain as soon as a major OS update happens, as there could be multiple optimization processes running in the background. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case in this instance, considering that the situation has not returned to normal even after days have passed.

It would now anyway need Google intervention. Whether the Alphabet company would acknowledge the setback or would it fix it secretly isn’t known. We need to wait for some kind of a resolution soon.

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