Indian Media and their Circus around the Israel-Palestine conflict

Screaming television debates, fighting among the guests with the anchors; the performance of our news television media has gone global in recent years. It has b


State of Manipur vs. EGI Journalists: Supreme Court relieves four journalists from getting arrested over the “Manipur Fact-finding Report” case

On September 6th, a Supreme Court bench headed by CJI D Y Chandrachud, Justice J B Pardiwala and Justice Manoj Misra protected the four journalists from getting

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Censorship of Opposition by Sansad TV: Rahul Gandhi gets only 40% of screen time for his speech in the Lok Sabha proceedings on the ‘no-confidence’ motion

Recently, when the Members of Parliament (MPs) of the Opposition parties delivered their speeches during the ‘no-confidence motion’ against the Modi

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So much for the right to speech – Rana Ayyub has received a legal removal demand from the Government of India regarding her Twitter account

The well-established journalist and opinion columnist with The Washington Post, Rana Ayyub has received a legal removal demand from the Government of India rega


The judge who dissents: CJI DY Chandrachud’s passive battle against IT Cell and Jingoists

CJI DY Chandrachud, the 50th Chief Justice of India (CJI), presently finds himself in the eye of a storm. Lately, Justice Chandrachud has become the target for


TRP Game: How Indian News media is making a mockery of journalism

On July 4th, Times Now Navabharat, a Hindi News conglomerate, aired a scintillating program under the title: “Dharmantaran Ke Network Par Bada KhulasaR


In Kashmir, new rules prohibit students from interning or freelancing for news outlets

Students claim the higher authorities' intervention and directives for a trivial problem such as classwork makes them mistrust the true objective behind the mov


The systematic direct muzzling of Kashmiri Press after revoking Article 370

The Indian government is directly muzzling the freedom of the Kashmiri Press by invoking more elegant or classic methods of stopping government ads. The United

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