Kerala startups had a momentous 2022, thanks to KSUM efforts

KSUM-mentored startups saw 54 govt procurements during the year.

Efforts initiated by the Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) to reinforce the state’s ecosystem clocked a significant stride last year when prompt interventions by the nodal agency enabled disbursal of funds to more than 200 nascent firms amid identifying more than 900 innovators deserving encouragement.

Significantly enough, KSUM was adjudged Asia’s topper in promoting talents and fourth in the global ecosystem, going by the Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2022.

KSUM aids success of various startups

KSUM-mentored startups lapped up as many as 54 government procurements in the just-concluded year through various summits.

Functioning under the Kerala government for entrepreneurship development and incubation activities in the state, KSUM in 2022 conducted 22 boot camps, eight hackathons and 10 summits, besides seven research demo-days, three business demo days and around 50 webinars.

The agency also provided no less than 2,500 hours of mentorship to startups, alongside organizing 15investor meets and industry meets, besides 40-plus workshops.

KSUM Chief Executive Officer Anoop Ambika said 2022 marked a fruitful year for the agency with a “notable rise” in the stature of the state’s startup ecosystem. “We achieved it through various interventions meant for startups and innovators,” he pointed out.

Incubation support given to 450-plus startups

KSUM is striving hard to keep up the momentum to bring in more innovators and nurture aspiring entrepreneurs so as to convert their innovative ideas into reality. “We were able to send six international business delegations representing more than for 80 startups to foreign summits and trade fairs. KSUM provided incubation support to 450-plus startups and 75-plus women entrepreneurs in 2022,” he added.

Moreover, KSUM gave away seed funds to around 30 startups, disbursed more 140 grants and sanctioned 108 idea grants for students at its Idea Fest.

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