Robin Titus was hailed as a catalyst in global business by Passion Vista

Passion Vista invites you on an exhilarating odyssey into the extraordinary lives of these men leaders whose life and work is a testimony to their brilliance, foresightedness and resilience in our eagerly awaited ‘Men Leaders 2023’ edition. We are proud to capture their life narratives as their illustrious careers are but a glimpse into their monumental journeys. With this edition, we pay homage to their exceptional personalities and invite you to bask in the radiance of their passion.

There are some luminaries whose prolific work stands above the realm of the ordinary. It is their trailblazing creations that lay a foundation for the future. One such global catalyst is the young and dynamic Robin Titus. 

Based in Dubai, Robin has over 2 decades of experience in Business Leadership and International Management. He holds the rare distinction of being one of the youngest General Managers of a multimillion global business at 25; is an award-winning International Sales Expert; was selected as Brand Ambassador for Mercedes Benz; has trained aspiring leaders from more than 43 nationalities; and has travelled to more than 68 countries over his career.

Today, he is the Founding Partner and Board Member at Optima Orbits, a revolutionary concept which bridges People, Ideas and Capital by building upon strategic entrepreneurial alliances and forging innovative business collaborations, trans-geographically and inter-generationally. The 3 orbits of Optima comprise:

THE SALON – The Modern Day Salon hosts a progressive and pioneering community of industry stakeholders, by collaborating with academic, cultural, entrepreneurial and philanthropic partners. Harnessing our heritage, energized by innovation and conscious of our succession. Salon facilitates the cross-pollination of ideas through intimate gatherings to focus on 8 key spheres formed as ‘LIVES’: Thought Leadership, Innovation, Impact, Venture, Entrepreneurship, Economies of the Future, and Sustainability.

SENSORY – Sensory is an integrated design-concept hub. In the intersection of art, architecture and engineering, it develops innovative concepts for bespoke projects. It integrates algorithmic and molecular thinking to projects, to achieve the most optimized, organized and systemized working-creating methodologies.

SYNDICATE – Syndicate explores, evaluates and enables cross-sectoral and geographical opportunities, and focuses on business consulting, deal flow, and market access. It reacts to the fast nature of shared opportunities while uniquely sourcing and sharing top-tier deals among partners and affiliates. 

Speaking passionately about his vision for Optima, Robin tells us, “Optima is a Universe that nurtures progress and prowess. With a collective experience of multiple decades, we have assembled a global team of dynamic individuals who possess strong and diverse international experience over multiple industries, backed by a vibrant cultural and entrepreneurial spirit. We are constantly on the lookout for great work quality and opportunities to invest and co-invest within our thriving ecosystem. However, I am more interested in the philosophical value of Optima, the greater meaning it has, beyond me. We strongly possess the belief – ‘I am, because we are!’ This energy manifests in momentum, benefits from mutual alignment, connects visions and enables missions.”

Robin co-founded Optima in April 2022, prior to which he had an illustrious career serving in senior multi-disciplinary and cross-functional positions within B2B events, fund placement, and real estate investment industries. “I started my career at 17 when I was plucked out of my comfort zone and planted as a seedling in a nurtured environment with great mentors who invested in my upbringing. They gave me opportunities that shaped me, built business acumen, provided first-hand experience, direct interactions, deep negotiations, and exposure to diverse cultural teams.”

Robin Titus has done them all proud by emerging as an Industry Thought Leader himself. He has been featured in several newspapers, was highlighted on the front page of a major business newspaper in the GCC, and was featured in Ahlan’s prestigious ‘Top 100’ report on the Middle East. He is a member of the Oxford & Cambridge Society UAE as well as The Oxford Business Alumni (OBA) network which boasts a 17,000-strong alumni community globally. Recently, he completed the inaugural ‘CHINA CEO program’ with CKGSB, inducting him into the influential CKGSB network.

As talk turns to success, Robin reflects that success is the outcome of deliberate action. Sporadic effort gives only momentary success, one must embrace success as a lifestyle. “One of my first and biggest achievements is building a house for my parents at 22,” he recalls. To know more about Robin, check or to nominate email, [email protected] 

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