Dr. Leslie Davis rightly demonstrates the trait of being a profound leader

Unified Brainz is resolute in presenting and celebrating the exemplary careers of some of the most stalwart personalities whose fortitude, assiduousness and willpower have made them claim the highest level of glory. This year again, we are proud to present one more limited edition of the unique dark mode Coffee Table Book, “Who’s Who of The Industry”, which is marked in the World Book of Records, London, where we have handpicked the success stories of individuals who have made an inedible mark in their respective industries and emerged as victorious leaders.

Can a woman truly do it all? YES! As proved resoundingly by the inimitable Dr. Leslie Davis. An award-winning Psychotherapist, Relationship Coach, Heart Mom, Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt, Dr. Davis plays each role with elan.

Not an easy feat, considering her own personal journey has been less than idyllic. A product of two strong and intelligent individuals who decided to part ways when she was a little girl, Leslie was raised by a Black single mom in a town where she was the only Black girl in all her classes until Freshman year of college.

“I quickly learned that I was different and created for something special. Outside of my small town, I was surrounded by diversity. Family, teachers, coaches, and peers oftentimes saw the light within me and spoke positivity into my future. Their words of affirmation guided me along my educational career to become who I am today, Dr. Leslie Davis.”

It wasn’t uncommon for Leslie to be asked by peers and adults for relationship advice. This made her realise she wanted to become a counselor. She thus earned her Bachelors in Sociology from Wheaton College, and began her career as a Licensed Child Welfare Specialist in Illinois. After 12 years, she became a Therapist to juvenile delinquents.

This position motivated her to finally pursue her license as Clinical Professional Counselor. She also completed her Masters in Professional Counseling from McKendree University and Doctorate of Philosophy in Counseling and Psychological Studies from Regent University. “I’m proud of earning my Doctorate at the age of 40, just 3 years after witnessing my mother receive her Doctorate from the same university.”

Blessed with abundant empathy, it didn’t take long for Leslie to establish herself as a leading National Certified Counselor, Psychotherapist, and Relationship Coach. The 1st person in both sides of her family to turn Entrepreneur, she established her business – Leslie Davis Coaching & Consulting LLC, to empower upcoming therapists against imposter syndrome, and help women break free from toxic relationships in order to develop healthy connections.

A leading international Relationship Coach today, she says, “There are too many broken hearts and souls in the world, and I want to be part of women awakening to the power of love. Toxic relationships are often normalized in society, especially by individuals who have never witnessed or experienced a healthy relationship. As a survivor of toxic relationships, I am driven by the truth that love is real and love is not supposed to hurt.”

Leslie herself is a Heart Mom to a son with life threatening congenital heart defect called hypoplastic left heart syndrome. She had the privilege of providing therapy and emotional support to other Heart Moms whose babies receive medical care in the Heart Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital through her employment at Washington University Saint Louis. Within her first year, she was promoted to Program Lead at the Center.

She also founded a nonprofit serving single moms and youth called Hearts in Faith. “I’d like to highlight one particular board member, Brittany Pangelinan, who started as my coworker, became a recipient of services through my nonprofit as a single mom, turned volunteer, and is now a board member.” Through this nonprofit, Leslie developed and implemented a youth violence prevention program called Heart Beats, which empowered youth who experience violence as a witness, victim, or aggressor of violent behavior.

A rare passion and commitment have won Leslie many global honours like BRAINZ 500 Global Award (2022), Passion Vista Global Icon 2022, and International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) Top Mental Health Counselor of the Year 2023, among others. To know more about Dr Leslie, check https://whoswho.world/ or to nominate email, [email protected]

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