Riyaz Attari is a ‘BJP Karyakarta’, alleges Congress

Congress leader Pawan Khera questioned whether the Centre ordered the NIA probe hurriedly to hide the sensitive information about Riyaz Attari

The Centre’s decision to transfer the Udaipur homicide inquiry to the National Investigation Agency (NIA) was questioned by Congress on Saturday.

Congress leader Pawan Khera stated, in response to media reports that suggested a relationship existed between the accused Riyaz Attari and a BJP leader, that the party completed its analysis on such accusations and uncovered old Facebook posts of Rajasthan BJP leaders where Riyaz Attari was named as a ‘BJP Karyakarta’ (BJP worker).

Pawan Khera cites Facebook posts, linking Riyaz Attari to BJP

It is evident that Attari was not only close to BJP leaders, but was also an active member of the party, according to Mr Khera, citing posts made by BJP leader Irshad Chainwala on Facebook on November 30, 2018, and those made by Mohammad Tahir on February 3, 2019, October 27, 2019, August 10, 2021, November 28, 2019, among other posts.

“What is more obvious than this? Riyaz attended BJP leaders’ gatherings. He was referred to as ‘bhai’ by BJP politicians. What is going on in our nation?” Pawan Khera asked.

The Congress leader added, “We welcomed the Centre for ordering the NIA investigation. Ashok Gehlot, our chief minister, promised to help the NIA. But now we want to know: Did the Centre force the NIA investigation to hastily conceal these details regarding Riyaz Attari?”

‘SC’s observation about Nupur Sharma applies to BJP also’

Mr Khera said that the Supreme Court made several important points yesterday, which should be reviewed in light of the most recent information in the Udaipur case.

He said Nupur Sharma’s identity was established by the BJP only and she made such objectionable remarks while serving as the party’s spokesman. “Therefore, if the Supreme Court criticises Nupur Sharma, the same is also directed at the BJP,” explained Pawan Khera.

BJP refutes the accusations levelled by Congress

The BJP has since refuted the accusations, claiming that the killers tried to infiltrate in the same way as the LTTE assassins tried to kill Rajiv Gandhi by infiltrating the Congress.

“The killers in Udaipur were not BJP members. Their attempt to infiltrate was comparable to the LTTE assassin’s attempt to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi by breaking into the Congress,” Amit Malviya, head of the BJP’s IT unit, said.

‘Congress should stop playing around with national security’

Warning the Congress party, he said the party has to cease playing around with national security and terrorism as the allegations of Attari’s ties to the BJP are untrue.

In the meantime, Sadiq Khan, the leader of the BJP’s minority wing in Rajasthan, reiterated at a news conference that the assassination was a failure of the Congress administration and claimed that his party has no ties to any of the accused.

Pertinently, Mohammad Riyaz Attari is one of the murderers of Hindu tailor Kanhaiya Lal, whose beheading was captured on camera and made public online.

The murder was committed, according to Riyaz Attari, to avenge an insult to Islam as Kanhaiya Lal had made some social media posts in favour of Nupur Sharma.

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