Netanyahu: A crusader or A butcher?

An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind”. As it is said so it is seen in the world and international arena especially because any fight will be followed by a consequence of action that stimulates conquest to power. The world has seen a war between Russia and Ukraine which was motivated by power to conquer but this time it is witnessing a civil war turned into a genocide and the mere spectators are just upon lip service.

The world news is cluttered with the news of a new war that is gaining world attention after the Russia- Ukraine conflict. It seems that the quest for power has never left mankind irrespective of the Nobel laureates that it fancies. The recent turn of events brings forth a stringent task to curb the helms of Hamas against the all-mighty war cabinet formed by the Israeli government. Benjamin Netanyahu, longest serving Prime Minister of Israel, has issued brave statements and emotional messages to be upfront for any kind of war that has catastrophic consequences. 

The Prime Minister has always very vehemently said that he will never accept the presence of a Palestinian state. The government of Netanyahu includes far-right parties who have openly advocated the annexation of all or part of the West Bank to Israel and the continued governance of the Palestinians without full rights or the vote. In response, Hamas killed 1200 Israelis that too in an uncharted region creating ripples of complete evacuation for them. 

The scenario of war creates a very pleasantly unpleasant situation for Netanyahu because of the current allegations surrounding his political clout. In any part of the world, a leader can gain mass popularity by creating an enemy or destroying an existing one. In a similar situation is the Prime Minister, who after being called upon as losing his mandate, declining health and corruption charges anything but a war can regain confidence in him. So is it that since Hamas attacked Israel, Gaza, which is supposedly the base camp of Palestinian refugees is at the brink of war? The Israeli government inducted their political rivals to form a war cabinet for eliminating Hamas. 

Netanyahu has very vehemently called the Hamas as being crueller than the dreaded ISISI which sort of looks like an effort to justify the cruelty that is being perpetuated to the refugees in Gaza. The implications of Netanyahu’s statement can be seen as a warning to the 2 million people crushed into an impoverished narrow seaside strip of 365 square kilometres which is under constant supervision of 30,000 Israeli troops. More than 1,000 Palestinians have been killed as of Wednesday morning, according to health officials in Gaza.

As staggering as it looks, the count of dead will become a sight of relief if we see the condition of those who still manage to survive the wrath of Israeli forces. The innocent Palestinians have been facing a dearth of lack of electricity to basic water amenities. There are live accounts of people leaving their families behind and running away for survival. The houses in Gaza are mere targets for the forces and there is a dearth of medical supplies, power plants are running out and even the diesel supply is at fall. Social media is filled with horrifying images of innocent deaths covering the face of brutal war history which they became victims and predators too. 

The irony of the situation is once Jews were a victim of the holocaust now they are predators of a genocide that came into existence because of the incessant greed to capture Eastern Jerusalem and make the original majority as a minority in their own country. 

The situation of Palestinian refugees is somewhat close vicinity to the Kashmiri Pandits who evacuated the place they were inhabiting for ages due to outside coercion. However, the current situation and horrific records of survivors send goosebumps down the spine. Isreal forces have clamped down to create a shortage of food as the canned food has quickly disappeared and hoarding has increased. The only slaughterhouse in the region has been shut down and the vegetables are already in scarce supply. To add to the torcher many Hamas leader houses have been marked and brutally bombarded to break the morale of Palestinian refugees.

The schools have been shut and even water is slowly becoming scarce. The situation has been so heinous that a survivor recounts while running from the forces they have encountered numerous houses being drizzled into ashes just with a wink. 

Overall, the genocide which started as a civil war has become a show of power and refugees in their own country have been in a despicable state for ages.

Mayank Khanna

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