Dissent or SOS to save party: Karnataka BJP has an issue to address

Senior leader Anwar Manippady’s displeasure against the Karnataka BJP should make the party top brass think and act sensibly

As any BJP leader or party functionary on how things are in the state of Karnataka, and he or she is sure to shower the government with praise. But all of a sudden, a lone voice has made itself heard from among the party ranks, and it is sure not to be music to the Bharatiya Janata Party higher-ups.

The voice of dissent rose from party leader and Karnataka state BJP executive committee member, Anwar Manippady. His displeasure against the doings of the BJP in the state came to an extent that he termed that Karnataka is currently in a bad state.

Lambasting the attitude exhibited by the party leaders, Anwar Manippady also said he would not be attending the Executive Committee meeting scheduled to be held in Hubballi though he is an invitee as a member of the Executive Committee.

That brings us to the question as what has irked the senior BJP leader and what has prompted him to lash out at the party leaders who he had been rubbing shoulders with over the years.

Karnataka BJP’s ‘wrong doings’ called out

The Karnataka BJP’s senior leader is, for sure, not very happy with the way the party has been going about doing its work in the state. If one looks at his statements in the recent past, it becomes clear that the displeasure Anwar Manippady has, isn’t something because that just happened overnight. The attitude of leaders, the activities the party has been undertaking and implementing in the state, and its stance against the minorities – all have made Manippady mull over what has been wrong with the party.

It looks like Anwar Manippady has been watching the party activities close over the past months, and the worry stems from the way things are decided and put to task by the party in the state.

He has made his opinion clear and has even written to the Central team of the party about his concerns. But then, he is unhappy that his concerns were not given any weightage.

He has also pointed out that he isn’t scared if he is thrown out of the party for saying all this, and added that he had not entered politics to make money.

Party neglecting minorities, says Manippady

Lashing out at the way the BJP top brass has been handling the concept of ‘Sab ka Saath, Sab ka Vikas’, Manippady lamented that the whole concept is neglected. He substantiated his concern with the example of how the party has been totally neglecting minorities. The BJP government in Karnataka came in for some scathing criticism too with reference to its stance on minority Muslims.

So where does all this lead to? A senior party member critical of the BJP’s stance when it comes to minorities and the party’s ‘development for all’ mantra, needs to have the party top leadership’s attention. A state that has been seeing attacks on minorities needs to correct itself. With such a path being paved by a senior leader from within the party is to be taken into consideration and discussed.

Going by past instances, it becomes known that Anwar Manippady is a lone fighter who seeks to correct the party when it tends to go wrong. We had earlier seen him seek the Prime Minister’s intervention when the then Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa was accused of suppressing the Wakf scam report in connivance with Congress leaders. Nothing concrete had happened then. Yeddyurappa later had to step down as Chief Minister, but that is a different story.

Changing Chief Ministers to hold on to power is not democratic. The party functionaries need to be taken into confidence if the winning streak is to continue. Else, all these would blow over. That would not, for sure, augur well for the BJP in Karnataka.

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