Earth set for annual heat extremes; Will the big 5 emitters act now?

Most countries of the world are likely to experience annual heat extremes every second year, predicts a study

The earth is heating up at unimaginable levels, and that could be a cause for major concern in the coming years. If the situation continues akin to what is happening now, it wouldn’t take much time for life to be snuffed out by the uncontrollable conditions that would dawn on Planet Earth.

Going by a recent research, as much as 92 percent of 165 countries that were studied are most likely to experience extremely hot annual temperatures every two years. Such heat is akin to the conditions being defined as a “once-in-one-hundred-year hot year” during the pre-industrial era.

That also means that no country on Earth has an escape route from of these heat conditions. The study has pointed out that almost every country could experience extremely hot years every other year by 2030. The reason attributed for such a possible situation of the future is the humongous quantities of emissions from major polluters across the globe.

India among big five emitters

It needs to be noted that India is among the top five emitting nations, which include China, the US, the European Union, and Russia. The data made available by these nations were closely scrutinized to arrive at ‘once-in-two-years extreme heat” prediction.

The fact is that the world is fast entering a furnace-like situation. The planet’s five large emitters need to be seen as the main culprits for such conditions to loom large. For instance, when researchers studied what the conditions would be without the big five’s emissions, it was found that the share of nations that would be affected by heat extremes were down to 46 percent. Such is the scale of damage being triggered by the largest emitting nations on earth.

Though researchers have been talking of the exponential levels of emissions that are proving bad for the planet, the common man on the street haven’t yet comes to terms with what that means. However, with the heat extremes worsening, the real meaning of the word shall be brought to the fore. And, the world would know how the top emitters have been making things worse. According to the researchers, each country is getting heated up and the frequency of increase in heating up will bring to our midst really hot years.

Cutting pollution only way to snip heat extremes

It isn’t that there is no way out. There indeed is hope out there, but that hope shall hold good only if countries around the globe decide to significantly cut pollution.

Will nations come to the front and make efforts to reduce pollution and snip emissions, is a question that needs to be answered by each country that has been reaping the benefits of Planet Earth.  With predictions of extreme heat beginning to cause sleepless nights for the global population, it is imperative that the big five emitting nations should look back at the wrong doings they have committed in terms of harming the earth, and make amends. Only then shall this planet continue to be a place where life goes on unhindered.

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