CBI Raids on Satyapal Malik: Political Retribution or Upholding Integrity

Selective Raids on Dissenting Voices Raise Concerns Over Independence of Investigative Agencies and Democracy's Health.

Why did the CBI and ED choose to target individuals who have stood against PM Modi? The recent CBI raid on Satya Pal Malik’s residence raises serious doubts about the independence of our investigative agencies. Are they truly upholding the principles of “Satyamev Jayate,” or succumbing to government influence?

Do these agencies realize that they are accountable to the taxpayers of this nation, not just to the ruling party? Is it so challenging for them to exercise their independence and say ‘NO’ to political pressure?’

Are honest people like Satyapal Malik being unfairly targeted simply for speaking out against the government? Despite his reputation for integrity, why are raids being conducted at his Somvihar flat and his village in Delhi?

Is it time for us to question whether our agencies are prioritizing the Constitution’s values of truth and justice, or simply following orders from those in power?

The CBI raids on Malik’s properties, including his residence in Somvihar and his village in Delhi, while he is hospitalized, raises serious questions about the motivations behind these actions. It appears that the government is using its investigative machinery to intimidate and silence individuals who dare to speak out against its policies and practices.

Satyapal Malik wrote on X (Foremly Twitter) ‘I have been ill for the last 3-4 days and am admitted to the hospital. Despite this, my house is being raided by the dictator through government agencies. My driver and my assistant are also being raided and harassed unnecessarily. I am a farmer’s son, I will not be afraid of these raids. I am with the farmers- Satyapal Malik (former governor)‘.

The pretext for the raids, purportedly related to alleged corruption in the Kiru Hydro Electric Power Project, worth Rs 2,200 crore, seems dubious at best. While corruption must be rooted out wherever it exists, the timing and selective targeting of individuals cast doubt on the government’s true intentions.

In a country with a rich history of standing up against oppression, are these actions by the CBI and ED compatible with the spirit of “Satyamev Jayate“?


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