The Mattachine Family, Exploring the varied notions of familial ties

The Mattachine Family, produced by Siddharth Ganji, has been making waves in the global film circuit.

A hitherto unexplored theme on celluloid is making waves on the international circuit. ‘The Mattachine Family’, a superbly-crafted film that narrates the relationship between two individuals, is garnering all attention for its groundbreaking narrative.

The Mattachine Family speaks of Thomas’ and Oscar’s (played by Nico Tortorella and Pablo Di Pace respectively) unique relationship. Their love for each other gets shaken when they realize that their first foster child reunites with his birth mother. Events take a new turn as they confront their differing notions of familial ties. 

The Mattachine Family: Looking deeper into Relationships

The Mattachine Family is produced by Siddharth Ganji, a film maker of Indian origin. Born in India and raised in the Middle East and currently residing in North America, Ganji has had the unique advantage of travelling along a multi-cultural terrain, which has led to his passion for bringing marginalized stories to celluloid.

The Mattachine Family Exploring the varied notions of familial ties
(Left) Siddharth Ganji

Siddharth Ganji, made the film in collaboration with director Andy Valentine during the times when the Covid-19 pandemic was raging. The film which was showcased at the prestigious Seattle Film Festival on May 12th, was among the 200 films handpicked for the event. Seattle Film Festival is known for attracting an annual audience of over 160,000. The Mattachine Family had the audience at the Seattle Film Festival all glued.  

The Mattachine Family is, in fact, Ganji and Valentine’s second significant project together after the Oscar-qualified short titled “The Letter Men”. The short film had bagged wide critical acclaim at the Tribeca Film Festival and the prestigious Cannes Film Festival earlier this year.

Traversing the multi-cultural path

Siddharth Ganji is known for exploring multicultural and diverse themes for his film production ventures.  He has been successful in bringing on to the screen various narratives, voices and lives that are often sidelined.  

For The Mattachine Family, Ganji and his talented team worked hard to put all pieces of the story, cast and location in place to come up with a brilliant film. The Seattle Film Festival success has proved testimony to all that effort they have put in.

The Mattachine Family Exploring the varied notions of familial ties

Siddharth Ganji, who had immersed himself in the world of digital gaming for many years, made his film foray with a handful of unexplored themes. He produced the BAFTA-nominated “Telling Lies,” which was a genre-breaking live-action interactive game/film.  

Yet another production was that of “12 Minutes”, which was chosen for the prestigious CLIO Award. Deploying tools that travel between techniques, storytelling, and medium-specific constraints, The Mattachine Family producer has cemented himself as a leading producer and filmmaker, known for finding creative solutions to technical challenges, without compromising the creative vision.  

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