Unfortunate Incident at Indo-Myanmar Border: Assam Rifles Jawan Opens Fire on Colleagues

midst Ethnic Strife, Assam Rifles Tragedy Unfolds: Transparent Investigation Launched as Soldier Opens Fire on Colleagues near Indo-Myanmar Border.

Manipur, India: In a tragic turn of events near the Indo-Myanmar border in South Manipur, an Assam Rifles Jawan opened fire on his colleagues, leaving six injured, all of whom are non-Manipuris. The unsettling incident concluded with the soldier turning the weapon on himself. This incident, while unfortunate, requires transparent reporting to dispel potential rumours and avoid speculation, particularly in the context of the ongoing ethnic strife in Manipur.

Details of the Incident

The Manipur Police reported that the shooting occurred within an Assam Rifles Battalion, further emphasizing that none of the injured individuals are from Manipur. All six injured jawans have been evacuated to the Military Hospital for further treatment and are reported to be in stable condition.

Context Amidst Ethnic Strife

Given the existing ethnic tensions in Manipur, the police stressed the importance of sharing the incident’s details transparently. It is crucial to prevent any potential misinterpretation and avoid linking the unfortunate incident with the ongoing ethnic conflict. The police clarified that the injured individuals have no connection to Manipur, emphasizing the need for a factual understanding.

Investigation Ordered

In response to the incident, an investigation has been initiated to ascertain the facts surrounding the Assam Rifles Jawan’s actions. The police are committed to uncovering the details of the incident and ensuring a thorough examination of the circumstances that led to the shooting.

Assam Rifles Battalions: A Mix of Communities

Highlighting the composition of Assam Rifles battalions, the police emphasized the diverse representation of various communities from Manipur within these units. Despite societal polarization, personnel from different backgrounds have been residing and operating together to maintain peace and stability in Manipur.


This tragic incident underscores the complexities faced by security forces operating in regions with heightened tensions. The investigation will shed light on the circumstances surrounding the shooting, and it is crucial to approach the incident with a fact-based understanding, separate from the ongoing ethnic strife in Manipur. The commitment to transparent reporting and unbiased investigation remains paramount in ensuring the accurate representation of this unfortunate event.

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