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Subramanian Swamy Accuses PM Narendra Modi of Deception and Economic Mismanagement

Former BJP MP Subramanian Swami Accuses PM Modi of Deception and Economic Failings, Drawing Parallels with Historical Dictators.

In a startling revelation that has sent shockwaves through political circles, Dr Subramanian Swamy launched a blistering attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, likening him to historical dictators like Hitler and Stalin, branding him a liar. Swami’s incendiary comments surfaced during an exclusive interview with journalist Neelu Vyas on the YouTube channel (Ajit Anjum).

Swamy pulled no punches in his critique, accusing Modi of lacking economic acumen and disseminating falsehoods about India’s economic prospects. Dismissing a recent finance ministry report projecting a 7 trillion dollar Indian economy by 2030 as propaganda, Swamy highlighted the glaring disparity between Modi’s pledge to achieve a 5 trillion dollar economy by 2022 and the grim economic reality, labelling government assertions as baseless.

Modi’s egregious lies,” Swamy asserted, “encompass inflated GDP growth figures, deceptive employment statistics, fictitious claims of poverty alleviation, and misrepresented trade balances.” He threw down the gauntlet to government officials, challenging them to a debate on these matters and accusing them of willful deception.

On asking about the integrity of government assertions, Dr Swamy unequivocally affirmed, “Yes, they are deceiving the country, hoodwinking everyone with their fraudulent narratives.” Drawing parallels with infamous despots, he suggested a pattern of deceit employed by authoritarian regimes to perpetuate their power.

On asking about Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, he said that she is nowhere involved in financial matters and all decisions are taken by the few selected bureaucrats within the Prime Minister’s Office. He lambasted the government for prioritizing optics over substantive economic policies, decrying Modi’s purported lack of comprehension of economic fundamentals.

Addressing issues such as the integrity of electronic voting machines (EVMs) and escalating diplomatic tensions with China, Swamy offered provocative insights, hinting at underlying fears and deficiencies within the Modi administration.

In addition to these alarming revelations, Swamy highlighted Modi’s silence on China’s encroachment of 4000 square kilometres of Indian territory. He said, “Modi is Scared of China and I know the reason but I cannot reveal it now, when the right time comes I will tell everyone“.

Swamy’s revelations have sparked intense debate and introspection within political circles, catalyzing demands for greater transparency and accountability within the government.

In an age dominated by sensationalism and political polarization, Dr Swamy’s bold statements serve as a sobering reminder of the imperative of critical discourse and accountability in a thriving democracy. As citizens grapple with the implications of his allegations, one thing remains abundantly clear: the pursuit of truth and accountability must prevail in the face of political obfuscation and deception.

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