Is the Centre hiding the real situation at the Indo-China LAC?

Why is the government refusing to answer the question if it has nothing to hide? Is the PLA encroaching on large swaths of territory in Ladakh and along the Arunachal Pradesh border?

Subramanian Swamy, the firebrand and outspoken leader who has waded through many parties but at present is in the ruling BJP, asked the Government about the position of the Chinese personnel along the Indo-China LAC. However, the Government refused answering the question, stating that it endangers national security.

Somewhat similar lines were taken by the government on the Pegasus case also. However, the Supreme Court did not take it as an answer and directed for a probe on its own.

What is the government hiding?

If the government had nothing to hide, then why it is not answering the question? Has the PLA already encroached on long tracts of land in Ladakh and the Arunachal Pradesh border? The real reasons are pretty clear.

The Narendra Modi government does not have the gall to speak the truth. The 56-inch chest of our Prime Minister has been dealt a stinging blow by the farmer’s agitation.

The present government is not able to reveal the exact position on the India-China border and how many square kilometres have been lost to the Chinese. It will be a stinging blow to the invincible aura created around the Prime Minister Modi.

It seems that Narendra Modi is more concerned with his image being maintained and does not want it to be tarnished in any way. Remember the much touted hymn – “Modi Hai To Mumkin Hai”. What will happen to this image if the Indian public came to know that we lost 20 brave-hearts in Galwan but there were only four casualties on the Chinese side?

Aura of invincibility of Modi broken

The aura around the invincibility of Narendra Modi is broken. As per Subramanian Swamy, Modi should tell the Indian people that the Chinese have come. He added that just after the Olympics, China is planning something big on the Indo-China LAC.

Today, India is not in a position to risk a war with China and China is not going to back down to reconciliation as in the past.

18 meetings on Indo-China LAC, still no resolution in sight

Prime Minister Modi and Chinese leader Jin Ping have met 18 times and if this is the end result, then the Indian Prime Minister will have a lot to answer why things have come to such a state.

It is time that Modi removed the veil of ambiguity and take the Opposition as well as the nation into confidence as to what exactly is happening on the LAC.

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