#StopPrivatization trends on Twitter as Bill for privatisation of state-run general insurance firms passed

Trending hashtags like #PhattuPM, #Modi_SlaveOfCorporates have also been trending, with netizens criticizing the Prime Minister Narendra Modi

NEW DELHIFollowing the Rajya Sabha’s passage of a law allowing the privatisation of state-run general insurance firms with a voice vote amid noisy protest and tearing of papers by Opposition parties on Wednesday, netizens throughout the country took to Twitter to criticise the Bill.

Prominent voices were also critical of the Centre’s privatization Bill, with people like Hansraj Meena, founder of Tribal Army, socio-political activist Yash Meghwal and many others slamming the latest legislation.

#StopPrivatization trending on Twitter

“Neither Hindu is in danger. No temple in danger. Neither the contractors of religion are in danger. In fact, reservation, constitution, government jobs, government institutions and companies are in danger by privatization. Don’t want to save these? #StopPrivatization,” Hansraj Meena tweeted in Hindi.

Tribal Army, which calls itself as an online platform to challenge the generational neglect of indigenous people, stated that there will now be a cross-fight with the Modi government against privatization.

As per Tribal Army, everyone needs to get out on the road and protest against the privatization spree of the Centre.

The citizens of India, according to socio-political activist Yash Meghwal, have decided to destroy privatization and save the nation from capitalists. It made the tweet in a pointed reference to the Twitter trend #StopPrivatization.

#PhattuPM and #Modi_SlaveOfCorporates also trending

Gaurav Pandhi, National Coordinator, Digital Communications & Social Media handler in Congress party said that Modi government wants Twitter to permanently suspend Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account.

He further wrote, “Imagine how scared PM Modi is of Rahul ji raising his voice for people, exposing the failures of government,” while using a #PhattuPM hashtag.

Another Congressman Niraj Bhatia wrote, “#PhattuPM lock karne se leke block karne tak aa jaayega 2024 tak… (The scared PM will resort to blocking voices after locking many in prisons till 2024…) Fight it out, Rahul Gandhi.”

He said just like you can’t lock the light permanently, similarly you can’t stop Rahul Gandhi.

General Insurance Business (Nationalisation) Amendment Bill 2021 triggered the trend

It is pertinent to mention here that the Twitter trend of #StopPrivatization started after Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman did not respond to brief points expressed by MPs while the General Insurance Business (Nationalisation) Amendment Bill 2021 was approved in Rajya Sabha by voice vote in the midst of the din in a couple of minutes on Wednesday.

Opposition parties including the TMC, DMK and the Left wanted the Bill submitted to a select committee, but the motion was defeated by a voice vote, prompting opposition members to surge into the Well, tear papers, and go disturbingly near to the presiding officer’s chair.

To avoid a repetition of Tuesday’s unpleasant events when several MPs climbed on the table, Rajya Sabha staff were stationed surrounding the presiding officer and the house table.

The Bill was already passed by the Lok Sabha on August 2, 2021.

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