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Spanish Tourist Gang-Raped in India’s Jharkhand State; Three Arrested

Spanish Tourists Brutally Assaulted While Documenting Global Motorcycle Journey, Sparking Outrage and Renewed Calls for Safety Measures in India.

Three men have been arrested following a horrifying incident where a Spanish tourist was gang-raped in India’s eastern state of Jharkhand. The assault occurred in the Dumka district, as reported by local media.

The victim, a Spanish citizen of Brazilian origin, and her husband were on a motorbike trip through India’s remote east when they decided to set up camp in Dumka district on Friday night. While they were sleeping in their tent, several men attacked them, threatening them with death and perpetrating the assault.

Fernanda and Vicente, a Spanish couple known for documenting their global motorcycle travels to an audience of over 140,000 Instagram followers, fell victim to a vicious attack while passing through India’s Dumka district en route to Nepal. They had chosen to camp overnight in Dumka, setting up a tent, as reported by various outlets.

Videos posted to their Instagram account revealed the horrifying aftermath of the assault. Both Fernanda and Vicente appeared with swollen, purple bruises on their faces, visibly distraught as they recounted the ordeal in Spanish.

“Something has happened to us that we would not wish on anyone,” Fernanda stated in the video, tears welling up in her eyes. “Seven men have raped me, they have beaten us, and robbed us.” She went on to clarify that the attackers did not steal many belongings, indicating that their primary motive was the heinous act of rape.

In a distressing video recorded from the hospital where they are receiving treatment, the husband recounted the ordeal. He stated that they were attacked inside the tent, beaten, and threatened with a knife. His wife was raped by seven men while they were held captive.

The couple, who had been traveling for several months and planned to tour the country from the southernmost point, had set up camp near a police station in Dumka district when the assault took place. The woman is currently undergoing medical attention in a local hospital, visibly bruised from the attack.

Local authorities have taken swift action, with police filing a report on the assault and gang rape, resulting in the detention of at least three suspects. Police Inspector Pitamber Singh Kherwar assured reporters that efforts were underway to apprehend the remaining perpetrators.

Expressing condemnation over the incident, Jharkhand’s regional minister, Mithilesh Kumar Thakur, emphasized that appropriate measures were being taken by the police and assured that justice would be served.

The Embassy of Spain in India has intervened, reaching out to local authorities and dispatching consular personnel to assist the victims. The couple had embarked on their journey from Spain, passing through Pakistan and Bangladesh before entering India, with plans to continue to Nepal.

India has faced criticism for its alarming rates of violence against women, with nearly 90 rapes reported daily in 2022, according to data from the National Crime Records Bureau. However, activists argue that the actual number could be higher due to underreporting driven by victim stigma.

The incident underscores the urgent need for greater efforts to ensure the safety and security of tourists, particularly women, traveling in India. It also highlights the importance of robust measures to address and prevent such heinous crimes, both through law enforcement and societal awareness initiatives.

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