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Outcry Erupts as Amock @Politics_2022_ Account Gets Suspended on X; Calls Mount for Elon Musk’s Intervention

Suspension of Prominent Political Account Sparks Outcry on Social Media, Raises Concerns Over Freedom of Expression.

In a latest controversy surrounding social media censorship, the suspension of the popular account Amock @Politics_2022_ on platform X has sparked widespread condemnation and calls for its restoration. Users have taken to the platform to voice their concerns, with many directing their appeals towards Elon Musk, the CEO of X, urging him to intervene and reinstate the account.

The suspension of Amock @Politics_2022_, known for its vocal stance on political issues in India, has ignited a fierce debate on freedom of expression and the role of social media platforms in curbing dissent. Various users expressed their dismay over the suspension, questioning the motives behind the decision and alleging bias against opposition voices.

One user, identified as Wg Cdr Anuma Acharya (Retd), addressed Musk directly, questioning the platform’s commitment to democracy and accusing it of succumbing to external pressures. Similar sentiments were echoed by others, who highlighted the importance of restoring Amock @Politics_2022_ as a platform for diverse political discourse.

The suspension has also drawn attention to a broader pattern of censorship on X, particularly targeting voices critical of the ruling party BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Many users pointed out instances where accounts advocating for opposition viewpoints were disproportionately targeted, while those aligned with the government were allowed to thrive unchecked.

Adding fuel to the fire, an official communication from X’s Global Government Affairs revealed the platform’s compliance with executive orders from the Indian government, which mandated the restriction of specific accounts and posts. The revelation has further fueled concerns about the erosion of freedom of expression and the platform’s susceptibility to government influence.

Critics argue that such actions not only undermine democratic principles but also tarnish India’s reputation on the global stage. They contend that the stifling of dissenting voices on social media platforms like X not only hampers free speech but also erodes public trust in these platforms.

As calls for the restoration of Amock @Politics_2022_ grow louder, all eyes are on X to see whether it will heed the demands of its users and uphold its commitment to fostering open dialogue and free expression on its platform.


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