6G to end smartphone reign; could usher in interfaces built directly into human bodies

Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark has predicted that 6G networks would make smartphones obsolete.

Talk about the impending arrival of 6G is rife. At a time when even 5G infrastructure is being built, the talk on the advent of 6G might seem a bit early. But the technology arena has always been so, thinking ahead of the times.

In an interesting episode that threw light on the 6G era, Pekka Lundmark, the Chief Executive Officer of Finnish mobile manufacturer Nokia, has voiced something that sounds like a warning. According to Lundmark, the advent of 6G is expected to happen by 2030. He went on to add that the moment 6G networks go on stream, it would make smartphones obsolete.

A session at the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2022 witnessed the Nokia boss stating that by 2030, when 6G makes its landing, the smartphone as we know today will cease to be the most common interface. He however stopped short of confidently stating what other device would take the place of smartphones. According to him, a situation might arise such that such interfaces would be built directly into human bodies.

6G to welcome chips to be embedded into human bodies

That brings attention to chips that are currently being made to be embedded inside the human body. A clutch of companies, of the likes of Neuralink and others, are currently in the works with such chips that could possibly be embedded in human bodies. Neuralinks, incidentally, is a company owned by Elon Musk.

India yet to fully adopt 5G

Though 6G is yet to evolve, the forecast by Pekka Lundmark needs attention and should be seriously discussed. Through his statement that 6G would cease the need for smartphone as an interface, points at the future of technology. His words that the physical and digital worlds will grow together need to be given an ear.

That could also mean that metaverse and similar concepts could make themselves prominent. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality could be commonplace with eth advent of 6G networks.

India is a nation that is yet to experience 5G, forget about the 6G scenario. So the Nokia CEO’s prediction could seem farfetched to even those Indian citizens who consider tech seriously.

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