Jammu & Kashmir is hosting its first-ever Bird Festival

Wildlife and forests are significant aspects of J&K Tourism, according to Sarmad Hafeez, who emphasises activity convergence by various departments to promote it

A first-of-its-kind Bird Festival will be held in Kashmir very soon to promote sustainable eco-tourism and provide impetus to local people’s nature-based alternative forms of income. This was revealed during a meeting of officials convened by Sarmad Hafeez, Secretary of J&K’s Tourism and Culture.

The festival is provisionally scheduled to take place in Pahalgam and Dachigam areas, and it will include pre-festival bird viewing trails that will last more than a month throughout Jammu and Kashmir, in addition to the festival’s bird-watching sessions, awareness camps, and conservation efforts.

Dr G N Itoo, Director of Tourism in Kashmir, as well as officials from the Forests and Wildlife Departments and other representatives, attended the key meeting.

J&K Government to collaborate with Sanctuary Nature Foundation

The Tourism, Forest and Wildlife Departments will collaborate to put on the event, which will be supported by Sanctuary Nature Foundation, a Mumbai-based non-profit dedicated to the conservation of birds and other wildlife.

Sarmad Hafeez, who addressed the gathering, called forests and animals essential elements of J&K’s tourism and urged all involved departments to work together to conserve them while displaying them to tourists.

Eco Clubs to improve conservation efforts

The Tourism Secretary suggested that Eco Clubs be formed at schools and colleges in different tourist sites to work together to preserve the flora and wildlife as well as the natural beauty of these ecologically sensitive areas.

Mr Sarmad further emphasised the need for involved departments, boosting the ability of members of these Eco Clubs in order to raise conservation awareness among the public and improve conservation efforts.

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