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Investigation Launched into Alleged Paper Leak in UP Police Recruitment Exam

Crackdown Ensues as Allegations of Paper Leak Rock Uttar Pradesh Police Recruitment Exam.

The Uttar Pradesh Police Recruitment Board has initiated an investigation into the purported paper leak of the police constable recruitment exam. Allegations of leaked exam papers surfaced on social media, sparking outrage among the youth. Despite initial dismissals by the board, the gravity of the situation has prompted authorities to delve deeper into the matter.

Board’s Response:

Addressing the concerns raised by candidates on social media platforms, the board has formed an internal committee to scrutinize the alleged leaked question papers and answer sheets. The committee aims to ascertain the authenticity of the viral materials and determine whether the leaked questions were part of the official exam. With the future of 48 lakh candidates hanging in the balance, the board emphasizes its commitment to ensuring justice and transparency.

Statement from Board’s Official:

In response to the unfolding situation, a spokesperson for the board highlighted the formation of the internal committee as a proactive step towards improving the recruitment process. Refuting claims of pre-exam paper uploads, the official stressed the need to thoroughly investigate all allegations. Emphasizing the board’s dedication to merit-based examinations, they pledged to address the issue with utmost sincerity.

Action Taken:

Following the uproar on social media, the Uttar Pradesh Police Recruitment Board has taken swift action against alleged perpetrators. A total of 93 individuals have been arrested in connection with the paper leak case on the final day of the examination. Furthermore, a comprehensive campaign led by district police and the Special Task Force (STF) has resulted in the arrest of 287 individuals since February 15.

Arrests on Examination Days

On the first day of the examination, 122 fraudulent candidates and members of solver gangs were apprehended. Of these, 96 were caught red-handed during the exam, while the UP STF detained 18 individuals from various locations. Notably, the majority of arrests, 15 each, were made in the Etah and Allahabad Commissionerates, with additional arrests from Mau, Siddharthnagar, Ghazipur, and Azamgarh.


The initiation of an investigation into the alleged paper leak underscores the seriousness with which the Uttar Pradesh Police Recruitment Board is addressing the issue. As the probe unfolds and arrests are made, the board remains steadfast in its commitment to upholding the integrity of the recruitment process and ensuring fairness for all candidates.

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