New Delhi Hosts Landmark ISIA Workshop, Propelling India-Sweden Green Revolution

Cutting-edge Technologies and Partnerships Spotlighted, Turbocharging Sustainable Development Efforts and Climate Action.

New Delhi became the epicenter of a green revolution on April 25, 2024, as the India-Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator (ISIA) Workshop unveiled transformative technologies poised to revolutionize sustainable development. Strengthening ties further, India and Sweden’s partnership is set to turbocharge climate action, spotlighting cutting-edge solutions in green energy and eco-friendly materials at this landmark event.

This initiative aligns with Sweden’s leadership role in global climate initiatives, as emphasized at COP28, where Sweden pledged to support multiple international efforts to boost the climate transition, including the tripling of nuclear energy capacity and promoting industry-based climate solutions (Regeringskansliet). 

Ms. Lisen Stenberg, International business developer and country manager – India Swedish Energy Agency stated “We aim to produce 100% fossil free electricity by 2040, 70% less emissions from transport by 2023 as compared to 2010, to decarbonize heavy industries, keeping up with the high climate ambitions of the Indian ministry”

ISIA 2024 At A Glance

The India Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator (ISIA) Workshop was held on April 25, 2024, at the Le-Meridien, New Delhi. This prestigious gathering marked a significant step forward in fostering the relationship between India and Sweden, particularly in the realm of green technologies.

India-Sweden Cleantech Summit 2024 Unveils Next-Gen Eco Solutions

The event commenced with a ceremonial lighting of the lamp, symbolizing a bright future for collaboration between the two nations. Mr. Jaideep Ahuja, Chairman of CII Delhi for 2024-25 and MD & CEO of Ahuja Residency Pvt Ltd, extended a warm welcome to the attendees, emphasizing the importance of innovation in addressing environmental challenges.

Ms. Cecilia Oskarsson, Trade Commissioner of Sweden to India, highlighted Sweden’s commitment to supporting sustainable projects and green initiatives globally. Her presence underscored the strong diplomatic and business ties between India and Sweden, enhancing the scope for future collaborations.

A key segment of the event was dedicated to success cases from the ISIA, where Mr. Pawan Tahlani, Head of Business Sweden in New Delhi, shared insights into the tangible benefits derived from previous collaborations under the ISIA banner. These cases exemplify how Swedish technology can play a pivotal role in India’s green energy sector.

Charlotte Svensson, with her expertise in business development for international markets at the Swedish Energy Agency made her a vital asset for fostering international collaborations. Her involvement underscored the importance of this event in promoting sustainable technological solutions and strengthening business ties between Sweden and India. 

Ms. Svensson, a key benefactress for proposing the participating companies to the ISIA. One in the category of green energy and mobility solutions and other, in resource efficiency and optimization solutions. 

Participating Green Tech Companies At ISIA 2024

India-Sweden Cleantech Summit 2024 Unveils Next-Gen Eco Solutions
  1. Midsummer AB

Midsummer AB is a leader in the renewable energy sector, specifically known for their innovations in solar energy. The company specializes in producing flexible cadmium free thin film solar cells (CIGS) which are lightweight, flexible solar panels that can be integrated into a variety of surfaces. They operate on 90% lower carbon footprint than traditional solar panels. 

  1. Trine AB

Trine AB focuses on financing solar energy projects in emerging markets. They connect investors with solar projects through a digital platform, enabling a meaningful impact on communities with limited access to electricity. Their model helps to reduce carbon footprints and promotes the use of clean energy worldwide. Trine has presence in India, Kenya and Mexico

  1. Roam Electric AB

Roam Electric AB is at the forefront of electric mobility solutions. They are known for designing and manufacturing electric vehicles, particularly scooters and bikes, which are used in urban environments. The Roam Air is a 3.5kW electric motorcycle that can carry upto 200kg with 90 km/h top speed giving a 80 km range in a single charge. 

  1. Trifilon AB

Trifilon AB innovates in the field of new materials by developing biocomposites that integrate natural fibers with plastics. They offer plant based materials for plastic products, and their materials are designed to reduce weight and environmental impact in automotive and consumer goods industries. 

  1. Inpipe Sweden AB

Inpipe Sweden AB provides solutions for enhancing the efficiency of wastewater and stormwater systems. They are the biggest producer of Cured In Place Pipes (CIPP). Their technology is designed to optimize flow patterns and reduce blockages in pipes, leading to improved maintenance and operational efficiency. The process is super fast, and no CO2 footprint. With requiring access to just one manhole, this technology plays a crucial role in resource management and environmental protection in urban settings.

  1. Xinix Global AB

Xinix Global AB specializes in air purification technology. They offer systems that improve indoor air quality in various environments, from residential to industrial. In 1992, Xinix managed to convert chlorine dioxide into LIQUID to remove pollutants such as fungi, bacteria and allergens effectively, contributing to healthier living and working conditions.

  1. Atmoz AB

Atmoz AB focuses on advanced solutions for atmospheric water generation, technology that extracts water from humid ambient air. They provide a comprehensive view of a company’s carbon footprint, including scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. 

  1. PrimoZone AB

PrimoZone AB is a technology leader in ozone water treatment systems. Their products are used for water disinfection and treatment processes, ensuring clean water supply for municipal and industrial applications with over 1000 installations. PrimoZone’s solutions are recognized for their efficiency, reliability, and contribution to sustainable water management practices.

India-Sweden Cleantech Summit 2024 Unveils Next-Gen Eco Solutions

The previous collaborations between India and Sweden have traditionally focused on healthcare, with initiatives like the India-Sweden Healthcare Innovation Centre, which was aimed at improving healthcare delivery and management of non-communicable diseases through innovative solutions (GenoTech). This year’s focus shifted towards sustainable technology and climate solutions, emphasizing green energy, new materials, and resource efficiency.

Moreover, fostering innovation in green technologies has been recognized as essential not only for environmental sustainability but also for economic growth and job creation, as highlighted in the OECD Green Growth Studies 

By introducing cutting-edge solutions, the ISIA 2024 workshop highlights the crucial role of bi-national efforts in setting new benchmarks for sustainable practices worldwide. It embodies a shared vision for a cleaner, more sustainable future, demonstrating a commitment to innovation and quality of life.

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  1. The company description for Atmoz is incorrect. We do not provide solutions for atmospheric water generation. What we do offer is a groundbreaking carbon management platform that allows any business to calculate their carbon footprint in seconds — it’s the simplest way to report and take action! Thank you for correcting the entry.

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