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Celebrating 68 years of Tunisian Independence

Ambassador Hayet Talbi Bilel highlights the enduring Indo-Tunisia friendship and prospects for enhanced cooperation in trade, culture, and education on the occasion of Tunisia's National Day.

As we commemorate the 68th National Day of Tunisia, I am honored to extend my warmest greetings and heartfelt wishes to DIGPU NEWS team and the people of Tunisia. This auspicious occasion marks a significant milestone in Tunisia’s journey towards progress, democracy, and prosperity. It is also an opportune moment to reflect on the enduring friendship between Tunisia and India and reaffirm our commitment to further enhancing bilateral ties across all sectors.

The 20th of March holds profound significance for Tunisia as it symbolizes the day when our nation achieved independence from colonial rule in 1956. Since then, Tunisia has made remarkable strides in fostering democracy, promoting socio-economic development, and upholding the values of freedom, equality, and human dignity. As we celebrate this historic milestone, we take pride in our accomplishments and reaffirm our dedication to building a prosperous and inclusive future for all Tunisians.

Over the past years, Tunisia and India have enjoyed cordial and mutually beneficial relations characterized by shared values, mutual respect, and cooperation in various fields. Our partnership has witnessed significant growth, encompassing trade, investment, culture, education, and people-to-people exchanges. As Ambassador of Tunisia to India, I am committed to further strengthening these ties and exploring new avenues for collaboration to the benefit of both our nations.

In the realm of trade and investment, Tunisia and India have immense potential to expand bilateral cooperation and explore new opportunities for mutual growth. India’s expertise in technology, pharmaceuticals, information technology, and renewable energy aligns well with Tunisia’s priorities for economic diversification and sustainable development. By fostering closer ties between our business communities and facilitating trade promotion initiatives, we can unlock the full potential of our economic partnership and create new avenues for investment and job creation.

Furthermore, cultural exchanges play a vital role in deepening understanding and fostering goodwill between our two nations. Tunisia’s rich cultural heritage, vibrant traditions, and artistic expressions resonate with the people of India, offering a fertile ground for cultural collaboration and exchange. Through cultural events, exhibitions, and academic exchanges, we can promote greater cultural awareness and appreciation, nurturing a sense of solidarity and friendship between our societies.

Education is another key area where Tunisia and India can enhance cooperation to mutual benefit. India’s world-class educational institutions and expertise in higher education offer valuable opportunities for Tunisian students to pursue quality education and acquire skills that are essential for Tunisia’s socio-economic development. By fostering academic partnerships, scholarships, and research collaborations, we can empower our youth with the knowledge and tools they need to contribute meaningfully to our societies’ advancement.

As we look to the future, I am optimistic about the prospects for Indo-Tunisia relations and confident that our partnership will continue to flourish in the years ahead. By leveraging our respective strengths, resources, and expertise, we can address common challenges, seize new opportunities, and build a brighter future for our nations and people. In conclusion, as we celebrate the 68th National Day of Tunisia, let us reaffirm our commitment to deepening Indo-Tunisia relations in all sectors. Together, we can forge a stronger, more prosperous partnership that benefits our nations, promotes peace and stability in our region, and contributes to the global agenda of sustainable development and shared prosperity.

With warm regards,


(Ambassador of Tunisia to India)

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