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Gujarat heat wave intense, birds fall from the sky

Dehydrated birds have begun falling from the sky, unable to stand the sweltering heat conditions

In what could appear shocking, birds have been found as falling from the sky. The phenomenon has left people of Gujarat gauge the effect of the heatwave that is lashing across the northern regions of India. The birds, who are left dehydrated for lack of any water resources owing to the sweltering heat, have begun falling from the sky in the midst of flying.

The event has left vets and animal rescuers wondering how to quell the onslaught of heat conditions on birds. The heat wave has been touching record levels of late, and has dried up all available water sources in Gujarat.

Temperatures have soared to over 43 degrees Celsius, making it extremely difficult for all living beings, including humans. Birds have been hit the most, with water sources unavailable and the killing heat doubling their woes. Dozens of flying birds, including pigeons and kites, have been dropping out of the sky every day, according to a report.

Vets work overtime to save heat-hit birds, animals

The veterinary professionals in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad are finding it tough to cope with the situation, and have been reported as having treated thousands of birds in a single week. Similar is the case of animal rescuers who have been forced to be on alert all the time, as there has been more than a 10 percent increase in the number of birds that need rescuing.

Vets and animal rescuers can be seen injecting water into birds‘ mouths with syringes and feeding them multivitamin tablets as more and more avian beings lined up for treatment.

It isn’t just the birds that have been pushed to worrisome terrain. Domestic pets like cats and dogs too have been lined up for treatment after having hit hard by the heatwave-induced dehydration.

The heat conditions in north India are worsening beyond comprehension. Ever since the month of March, India has been experiencing sweltering heat, with the World Meteorological Organization terming March as India’s hottest month this year. It is feared that the heat wave would extend to much worse conditions in the coming days, causing panic to people residing in north India.

Human-caused climate change to blame

The heat effect is being attributed to the human-caused climate change, and many experts call for much more work to be done to combat the heating up of the planet. In India, the government is bracing to quell the unprecedented rise in mercury levels as risk of fire break outs are foreseen.

Gujarat, where the heat conditions are intense, is working overtime to equip hospitals to treat heatstroke and other heat-related illnesses. India has already reported close to 25 deaths from heatstroke since March. The numbers are expected to rise.

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