#BoycottPatanjali Trends as Video Sparks Outcry and Dispute Over Baba Ramdev’s Statements on OBC

OBC वाले करवाएं अपनी ऐसी तैसी मैं तो अग्निहोत्री ब्राह्मण हूं". Baba Ramdev Stirs Controversy with Alleged Remarks on OBC, Issues Clarification Amid Growing Criticism.

In a recent development, yoga guru and Patanjali founder Baba Ramdev faced a wave of controversy surrounding an undated video circulating on social media. The video allegedly captures Ramdev making statements about his Brahmin identity, triggering backlash and the initiation of the hashtag “#boycottpatanjali” on social media platforms.

In the video, Baba Ramdev is heard asserting his Brahmin lineage and responding to claims of being categorized as OBC. “My original gotra is Brahma gotra. I am an Agnihotri Brahmin… I am a Vedi Brahmin, Dwivedi Brahmin, Trivedi Brahmin, Chaturvedi Brahmin — I have read four Vedas,” he purportedly stated in the video.

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Video on Baba Ramdev’s Statement on OBC (Courtesy : Aastha Channel)

Baba Ramdev, in response to the controversy, denied making such statements and clarified, “I have never said anything as such. I was talking about Owaisi. He and his predecessors have always had anti-national thinking. I don’t take him seriously.”

The incident has fueled online protests with the hashtag #boycottpatanjali gaining momentum, as individuals express their dissatisfaction and criticize Ramdev for the alleged insult aimed at the backward community. Concurrently, Asaduddin Owaisi, responding on his X account, shared retweets countering Ramdev’s statements and claiming a distortion of his original remarks. Also, Mohammed Zubair (ALT News) tweeted both videos on X (Twitter).

The controversy raises questions about responsible discourse and the impact of statements made by influential figures on social harmony.

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