Anonymous grant of Rs. 5200 Crores to the BJP, Congress Leader Bashes Modi Govt. for providing a legal ground to ‘Crony Capitalists.’

Khera even claimed that the aggregated electoral donations received by the BJP stood threefold higher than the donations received by all the opposition combined

The Congress spokesperson gave veiled remarks to emphasize how the Modi Government secured a gamut of funds through shady disinvestments and blatant partisanship toward an individual (if one read between his lines). 

Khera even claimed that the aggregated electoral donations received by the BJP stood threefold higher than the donations received by all the opposition combined. The Congress leader cited the report issued by the Association for Democratic Reforms to claim that more than 52 percent of the BJP’s political donations, Rs. 5,271.97 crores, came from electoral bonds, as against the consolidated amount of Rs. 1,783.93 crores received by the other national parties. 

“Agent 56’s double standards.”

Using a satirical metaphor for Prime Minister Modi as “Agent 56,” Khera bashed the BJP high command in an attempt to bare the party’s alleged double standards regarding their dedication to financial transparency. 

Khera claimed that while the Modi Government seeks clarifications on a transaction worth even a meager hundred rupees by any commoner (through the compulsory linking of any bank account with the holder’s Aadhar card), it did not utter a syllable for disclosing the source of an exorbitant 5200 crore rupees credited to its party funds through the disputed Electoral Bond Scheme. 

Khera sought to illustrate PM Modi’s alleged “self-righteousness” as he often labels his political rivals as “traitors and dishonest people” while evading questions on his accountability. 

Khera on how Late Arun Jaitley got the “Electoral Bond Scheme” passed as a money bill to boot any opposition:

Speaking about the former Finance Minister Late Arun Jaitley, Khera elaborated on how he (Jaitley) had emphasized the “transparency” associated with the Electoral Bond Scheme and got it passed in Lok Sabha as a Money Bill (Article 110) without any discussion or ratification by either the Rajya Sabha or the opposition. Khera said that the day was terrible for India’s democracy as a system for stealthy corruption and crony capitalism got provided with a legal footing. 

Khera also emphasized how even the Honorable Supreme Court, Election Commission, and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) stood discontented with the shady nuances of the Electoral Bond Scheme but that the Modi government had paid no heed to their worries.

Khera illustrates his claims by bashing the amendments made to the Electoral Bond Scheme.

He explained how, before the Electoral Bond Scheme, a company got barred from donating more than 7.5 percent of their net profit accrued over three years as Electoral Funds. But, through the introduction of the Electoral Bond Scheme, the ceiling for such donations got abolished. Today, anyone has the credibility to donate any amount of money to any political party, rendering the entire system “opaque.”

Khera claimed, “This effectively implies that the Modi government’s controversial, corrupt, and contrived electoral bonds scheme is a money whitening scheme, which converts black money to white.” 

Though Khera did not take names to affirm his allegations, one can deduce that his press statements got directed against the alleged nexus between Prime Minister Modi and the billionaire Gautam Adani. Khera claimed that if the anonymity of the source of BJP’s Rs. 5200 crore fund went uninvestigated, the taxpayers would get kept in oblivion regarding a potentially institutionalized money laundering system.

Khera bashes ED and CBI regarding their lack of action on BJP’s questionable volume of funds.

Taking a dig at Central Investigating Agencies like the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation), Khera demanded answers from them regarding their sluggishness in investigating the source of the BJP’s colossal fund.

Khera claimed that these agencies remain hyperactive while harassing the opposition parties, but their apparent indifference and inaction against the ruling government’s shady shenanigans have strengthened the Modi government’s nerve.

Pawan Khera’s pertinent questions on Modi Government:

Khera concluded his conference by asking questions directed toward Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. He asked the Union’s high command if they had not deliberately boosted “crony capitalism” through the skeptical nuances of the Electoral Bond Scheme.

“You (referring to the Modi Government) have legitimized crony capitalism through the Electoral Bond Scheme, and the system now serves as a ‘state-sponsored’ rent-seeking mechanism,” said the Congress Spokesperson.

Khera also mentioned that in 2019, the Indian National Congress made a distinctive demand before the Union Government seeking transparency in the Electoral Bond Scheme. The Congress seeks judicial activism of the Supreme Court to re-examine the controversial Electoral Bond Scheme and prevent financial monopolies from gaining ground in the Indian democracy.

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