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COVID-19: Mixed Reactions From Netizens As Schools Shut Again In Kashmir

Srinagar, Jammu And Kashmir —

With the authorities ordering the closure of all educational institutions in Jammu and Kashmir as a precautionary measure against Coronavirus, the decision has become a hot topic on social networking sites.

The Jammu and Kashmir administration on Monday decided to suspend the class work in all the educational institutions across the Union Territory from Thursday till March 31, 2020, in wake of the deadly coronavirus epidemic.

Earlier on March 08, amid the coronavirus ruckus, the government had ordered the closure of all primary schools—both private and government in six districts of Jammu and Kashmir including Jammu, Samba, Srinagar, Budgam, Bandipora and Baramulla.

While some people welcomed the latest move, there were a lot of comments on social media websites which criticized the government for “unnecessarily causing panic” among the residents.

“Education Department should shut down in Jammu and Kashmir especially in the Valley. Our schools opened after a long gap of seven months but only to be closed,” wrote one user, Rouf Hamid, on Facebook.

Another user, Irfan Mir, commented, “We should visit other places in India for education just like tourists visit us for spending quiet time here (in Kashmir). Everything is shut here whenever something happens. The shutdown is always the answer from authorities.”

COVID-19: Mixed Reactions From Netizens As Schools Shut Again In Kashmir - Digpu
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“Our children are so unfortunate. They can’t go to their schools just because the government absolve itself from its responsibilities and unnecessarily causing panic. How can our children compete at the national level when our schools don’t function properly?” asked a user, Musaib Zargar, on Twitter.

However, there were posts which did support the government’s decision. In one such Facebook post, Syed Muntazir wrote, “If the Coronavirus reaches Kashmir, we will not be able to fight it because we don’t have the infrastructure as we are poorly equipped. This decision is a necessary evil, to say the least.”

Mohammad Ismail, another Facebook user, said, “COVID-19 caused huge damage in China as far the loss of human lives is concerned. Although China did everything to stop its spread but failed miserably. Now, think for a moment if the virus finds its way to the Valley, how can we fight it. Prevention is better than care. We can always make up for lost days of schooling but can’t bring back the dead!”

Meanwhile, some users found one more to demand the restoration of high-speed mobile internet services, which continue to be barred until March 17, 2020.

Anees Wani, a user, posted on Twitter, “It is high time that the government restores 4G internet services so that people can stay updated with the latest developments about Coronavirus.”

Another user, Hamid Qashif, said, “As the students can’t go to their schools for this month (March) now, 4G internet should be restored so that they can at least study at home via online educational content.”

Although no case of Coronavirus has been found in the Valley of Kashmir so far, the authorities have taken the decision which is somewhat understandable especially in light of revelations by some patients who recovered from this deadly virus. They have revealed that the only effective way to avoid getting infected is to limit interactions with other humans, giving the fact that no vaccine is available so far.

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