Chantelle Simone was honoured by UB Group as an international leader transcending barriers

Unified Brainz celebrated the glorious careers of prominent leaders from around the globe, leading by example with resilience, diligence, and perseverance on the occasion of World Environment Day on the 5th of June 2022. The launch showcased the first edition of the unique dark mode Coffee Table Book, “Who’s Who of The World,” which was unveiled during its virtual event. This exquisite ceremony saw the presence of trailblazers from various industries who have scaled massive heights of success and have shared their passion journey.

Chantelle Simone is a renowned Educational Thought Leader, the founder of Mindology Academy, and the creator of the Mind Mirror Meditation. A motivational speaker and an author, who has the passion to bring ultimate change in the society. In addition, Chantelle is Master Black Belt and a Master Coach at NLP. A true epitome and an all-rounder, Chantelle’s story is something that will create a spark in people’s lives.

Chantelle is an ever-optimist and a master problem solver. She is a person who believes in God and is a liberator from the prison mentality! Chantelle has spent the past 20 years searching to find the most effective techniques and tools that let us change our mindset to the person God intended us to be. Her professional journey began with the question, “Why do so many people suffer and not enjoy the happiness or joy that we have? The Mindologist is a specialist in the connection between the mind and the spirit. Chantelle has helped a lot of successful ladies (and males) to eliminate their inner turmoil and bring peace and balance to their lives.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. At an early age in her life, Chantelle made a powerful decision that changed the direction of her own life. She was always inquisitive about why certain people had success while others stumble and suffer. There was a point at which Chantelle determined that whatever she wants in life, and for what motive she could make it and attain it. The decision made her consider her thoughts differently. Chantelle was adamant about the status quo. Explore the world instead of working full-time, and eventually became a self-sufficient thinker.

Chantelle began her journey looking to discover the reality behind the successes and failures of life In order to improve her person, she put millions of dollars into her personal growth through living in 8 countries, working at the masters’ feet throughout the industry, and becoming Master certified for five different modalities of the Mind to satisfy the need to know the truth about life. Her research revealed two main elements that enable us to live in peace and lead meaningful lives.

This is because Chantelle has discovered the universal approach to overcoming challenges in life so that humans can live with tranquility and flourish with purpose. Chantelle Simone has just established Mindology Academy where they have classes and programs that are experiential, to assist people in overcoming mental obstacles and reconnecting with their true, divine selves in order to live their lives with the path of their life. In Mindology Academy, they combine the body, mind, and soul, focusing on advances that stem from Quantum Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) as well as Prophetic Spiritual. The positive things Chantelle is doing are admirable and worthy of praise. To know more about Chantelle, check or to nominate email, [email protected]

This brilliant lady has also found a comprehensive universal solution that can help us overcome the challenges of life so that we can have peace of mind and achieve our goals. She is currently launching Mindology Academy where they have experiential courses and programs that aid people overcome mental hurdles and reconnect with their true authentic selves and living their lives with their purpose. For her, the world is for the first time and to create a lasting positive impact on our lives. She is convinced that we are all looking for that one thing that can light our hearts! It lets us enjoy the freedom, joy, and happiness we all want. This is the essence of an important reason! She recognized that she had an important pursuit that was beyond office doors and she was definitely determined to fulfill it. Her attitude saved the life she is currently living and also the life still waiting to live.

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