Meet Life Coach and Businessman Immy Khan

With 12 years of experience in Business Strategy and Development, he has been bettering the lives of many.

People look up to him as an ideal person as he has been motivating people for several years now. Imran Khan is a motivational coach, a sportsman, real-life coach and an excellent entrepreneur based in Ahmedabad. His speeches are reality-based and hard-hitting. He is well known for his inspiring speeches, and people seek his learnings. 

His unique way of delivering his speeches is what makes people of all ages attend his live seminars. Being a businessman, he is indulged in numerous ventures and owns several different businesses. 

To name a few of his businesses, he is the founder of MAKS Technologies Ltd., London, Founder and CEO of THS Mining Ltd., UK. He is also a renowned founder of Bitether, which is the first-ever listed cryptocurrency of India. It was listed by CMC. Before Bitether, no other cryptocurrency was registered and listed in India. It was a proud moment for Immy, as he was successful in introducing cryptocurrencies in India as well. 

Immy Khan has expertise in delivering successful projects for years now and has been exceeding expectations of all his clients. He likes to take up new challenges and opportunities. His problem-solving skills is what makes him different from others in the industry. You will not find any other man like him. A great inspiration to all, he is a team player and firmly believes that his success is more dependent on the performance of his team as a whole. Hence, he is not only concerned about his performance but the performance of his entire team. 

Immy is well aware of the fact that long lost are the days when leaders were assessed based on their own performance, nowadays they are not assessed that way. The community holds leaders responsible for the deeds and actions of others as well. Apart from this, they are held responsible for their own actions as well. The leaders are also expected to take the accountability of the outcomes of their teams, whether good or bad. 

He is graining leaders with this understanding. He is determined to deliver nothing but the best. Having handled several projects for years now he is committed to delivering success and results that his clients are longing for. 

He has a variety of skills that helped him succeed as an entrepreneur and a motivational speaker. With 12 years of experience in Business Strategy, Team Management, Business Development, he has been bettering the lives of many. He is a great influencer who has been influencing the lives of several people. 

Business Mint realized the potential of this public figure and all that he does for the people. It was after then that Immy was Nominated by the company in a popular category for the 2020 award show. Imran Khan Nagori was nominated for the Best Emerging Life Coach. Jury collectively decided to offer this award to Immy Khan for his great work in the industry. He has inspired more than a thousand people in the entire year. 

The jury was highly impressed by the performance of this entrepreneur and his work. After discussing, they decided to present this award to Immy Khan. His teachings are always great and have been inspiring everyone present at the conference. He is well-known for transforming lives for good. People get their several problems solved by getting motivated. Moreover, they also learn to perform better.  To know more about Immy Khan, visit his Instagram.

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