Justin Bieber releases his sixth studio album ‘Justice’

Justin Bieber created the album during the pandemic and hopes that his new music can “provide comfort to the listener

Canadian singer and songwriter, Justin Bieber on Friday released his sixth studio album, titled ‘Justice’, and received rave reviews from fans.

According to Fox News, the pop icon created the album during the pandemic and hopes that his new music can “provide comfort to the listener.” During a recent Zoom press conference, Justin said, “I know a lot of people have been isolated, but music is really an outlet to bring people together.”

He added, “I named it ‘Justice’ because there’s so much injustice in this world and there has been since the beginning of time… My name Justin actually means justice, so there’s that. I’m really honoured to play a small part and be able to make music that inspires and can uplift people at this time.”

One of the songs named ‘Die For You’, opens with a part of a speech that Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. gave in 1957. Bieber wanted his album to directly address the Black Lives Matter movement. Speaking about it Justin said, “What I wanted to do with this was amplify Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s voice to this generation. Being Canadian, it wasn’t so much a part of my culture… this speech was actually during the time when he had a feeling that he was going to die for the cause, and what he was standing up against was ultimately racism and division.”

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He added, “I think his message was that a lot of people can be afraid to stand up for what is right, but if you’re not standing up for justice — for what is right — what are you doing with your life? I’m sorry to get so deep, but these are the times we’re living in. That’s why I wanted to make this album because I think it’s very timely and very necessary.”

Fans of the singer reacted to the album on Twitter and praised it as Bieber’s best yet. One fan wrote, “Very much in love with Justin Bieber’s new album…no complaints.”

Another added, “I got 99 problems and Justin Bieber’s new album #justice just solved all of them.”

Another song, ‘Unstable’, also addresses Bieber’s mental health struggles throughout his life. “I was in a really, really bad place maybe a year ago,” he explained.

As per Fox News, the new album from the 27-year-old musician features a number of collabs including ones with producer and DJ Skrillex, Soul singers Daniel Caesar and Given, rappers Lil Uzi Vert and Chance The Rapper, and singer Khalid.

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