NEET Exam 2021 Registration: First-time Girls outnumber Boys

For the first time, Girls outnumber boys in the Medical Entrance Exam –NEET. For the first time, the number of boys has reduced by 5000 as compared to last year. This year Girls appearing for the NEET exam have increased by 23,000.

Girls Out Number boys in NEET Exam 2021

According to the Print, this year, the number of Girls appearing for the exam stood at 9.03 Lakhs. Last year 8.80 Lakh girls had appeared for the prestigious entrance exam. The total number of candidates this year appearing for the exam has crossed 16 lakhs. The number of Girls appearing for the exam has increased by 2.61 lakhs. The number of boys appearing for the NEET exam increased by 2.13 lakhs as compared to last year.

Boys dominate the merit list.

Talking about results, boys have traditionally dominated the merit list. Of the top fifty positions in the NEET exam in 2020, girls accounted for a mere 11 compared to boys, who accounted almost three times and stood at 39.

However, Ms. Akansha Singh from New Delhi was the topper in the NEET exam. In the year 2020, 55.58 % of the boys qualified for the examination. The number of girls who qualified for the NEET examination stood at 44.41 %. In 2019, 55.57% of boys had qualified for the exams, while the figure was 44.26% for girls.

The number of candidates increased in three states- Maharastra, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajhastan.

Girls outnumbering Boys for MBBS courses is not good-Director AIMS, Bhopal

According to Dr.Sarman Singh, Director, AIMS Bhopal, the trend of Girls outnumbering Boys for MBBS courses is not good. Girls are traditionally not allowed to go to remote locations for jobs after they complete MBBS courses compared to boys by their parents. Hence in the coming times, there could be a paucity of Doctors in the rural areas.

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