NBSAT: Thinking different in terms of student evaluation

We have almost 10 different parameters for evaluation, says Dr Amit Gupta, Founder-Director, NBS

Faring well in NBSAT means the doors would open for a student who would want to be part of the high-profile programs offered by the reputed Narayana Business School (NBS).

CAT is what India talks about when it comes to Management Education. Candidates scoring high CAT and CMAT scores always stand the chance of getting into top institutions. It’s no wonder that there is a huge rush of graduates to appear for these exams before they start pursuing admission to a top-of-the-line Management college.

When it comes to getting into top colleges, each institute has its own criterion. For instance, the Narayana Business School Aptitude Test or NBSAT, conducted by the Ahmedabad-based Narayana Business School is among the most sought-after tests.

NBSAT is a national-level entrance examination: Dr Amit Gupta

Each management institute has its own criterion based on its philosophy, says Dr Amit Gupta, founder-director, Narayana Business School. “When it comes to admission at NBS, what we take into consideration is how a candidate fares in the NBSAT. It is a national-level entrance examination,” he added.


Dr Amit Gupta, Founder-Director, NBS in an exclusive interview with Digpu News

Elaborating on NBSAT, Dr Gupta said that NBS has a totally different style of assessing or evaluating a student. “We have almost 10 different parameters for evaluation. And based on that, a student who moves on to the second phase of selection undergoes Group Discussion and Personal Interview before the final merit comes in. We consider NBSAT a parameter for evaluating and selecting a student,” he added.

Faring well in NBSAT means the doors would throw themselves open for a student who would want to be part of the high-profile programs offered by the reputed NBS. If one looks at why securing admission for Management courses at the Narayana Business School is worth all the effort, the reasons are many.

NBSAT among the most sought-after tests

Over the past two decades, NBSAT has been considered very popular among Management aspirants, mainly due to the high-profile nature of the MBA programme NBS offers.

Graduates from any recognized university or institution of national importance who have scored a minimum of 50% marks or equivalent (45% marks or equivalent grade for Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes) can apply for NBSAT. Besides, students who are set to appear for the final year of the Bachelor’s or any equivalent degree and awaiting results can also seek their chance for NBSAT. Candidates who apply for the NBSAT must be those who have studied Mathematics or Statistics at the Class XII level.

Students enrolling at Narayana Business School take away more than just a degree
Narayana Business School (NBS)

A Bachelor’s degree in IT Engineering, Computer Applications or Statistics would be an added advantage for the PGDM-DS-A program, while for the PGDM-QF program, candidates must have studied Mathematics or Statistics at Class XII level, and a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Statistics or Economics can be an added advantage.

Though NBS stipulates no minimum or maximum work experience required to apply, a student with work experience can look forward to it as an add-on benefit to ensure selection.

The NBSAT proctored online test is a 120-minute exercise wherein an objective format lets the candidates choose the appropriate response from four options.

The last date to apply for NBSAT this year is December 8, while the test will be conducted on December 12. Apply here.

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