National Institute of Speech and Hearing to be developed into Centre of Excellence

National Institute of Speech and Hearing is an autonomous organization registered as a society by the Kerala Social Justice Department.

The National Institute of Speech and Hearing (NISH), a comprehensive multi-purpose institute focusing on the identification, intervention, rehabilitation and education of individuals with disabilities, is all set to be developed as an all-India Centre of Excellence in rehabilitation of differently-abled persons.

Dr R Bindu, the Minister for Higher Education  and Social Justice, Government of Kerala, who was on a visit to the NISH campus to review its activities and new projects, said the proposal to elevate NISH as  a university is under active consideration.

Since inception in 1997, the Kerala-based NISH has made significant contributions to improving the quality of life of individuals with disabilities and has taken a pioneering effort in implementing various programs for the disabled population across the state. NISH is an autonomous organization registered as a society by the Social Justice Department, Government of Kerala.

New projects from National Institute of Speech and Hearing

The Minister added that, through its clinical, academic and research programmes NISH has made outstanding contributions to help differently-abled persons in Kerala and outside, especially children with speech and hearing impairment, to lead a normal life. The state government will encourage and support NISH to come out with new projects, she said.

 The institute has been provided with state-of-the art equipment and devices, including hearing and speech therapy aids, to enable it to effectively carry forward its activities. This has made NISH a major national institution for early detection and correction of speech and hearing impairment among children.

Extensive academic and research programmes

“As a premier institute in the country, NISH has been conducting extensive academic and research programmes in its domain area for quite some time. It has also been in the forefront of creating public awareness about supporting the persons who need special care and attention by bringing out books, pamphlets and videos on the subject. The Government has plans to make NISH a Centre of Excellence”, Dr Bindu said.

The Minister visited the campus to review the projects on the anvil  as part of its Silver Jubilee celebrations, said M Anjana, Executive Director, NISH. The Minister has been extending total support to the activities of NISH, she added. Dr Bindu visited all the departments, laboratories and therapy units at NISH and reviewed their functioning.

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