Jadavpur University students resume learning in outdoor classrooms

Students, professors of Jadavpur University initiate offline classes right outside the university gate.

Covid-19 has impacted students more than anyone, with the continued lockdown and closure of educational institutions. With favourable decisions yet to come about regarding the resumption of classes, the Jadavpur University in West Bengal has initiated outdoor classes to ensure that its students do not lose out on account of the pandemic. 

The initiative comes as a collaborative effort on the part of students and professors. Keeping the now typical online education away, the students and professors have come together to organize outdoor classes outside the university’s main gate. 

Jadavpur University students learn outside the campus gate

The subjects, which are part of the Jadavpur University curriculum, have been lined up for being taught in the offline mode. According to an India Today report, the classes for a section of students began on August 9 and will continue till August 13.  

Asking why the government cannot restart colleges and universities with limited capacity, students have reportedly made public their sentiment against the partial treatment toward education. As not every student is equipped to study online, the Jadavpur University students see offline classes as a viable option. 

Jadavpur University students flay Govt for ignoring education

The state government’s decision to open malls and pubs under restrictions but not up educational institutions has created resentment among college students. 

Most students believe practising social distancing could be managed in the classrooms through proper planning. They voice their concerns about the halt in educational activities stating that the government is ignoring the plight of college students as “education was not getting them taxes”.

The report added that the professors and students of Jadavpur University decided on going ahead with the offline outdoor classes at the university gate itself, taking a leaf out of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore’s open classrooms at Shantiniketan.

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