CBSE to conduct class 10, 12 exams for private candidates from Aug 16 to Sept 15

Some private candidates from Delhi, who are allowed to sit for CBSE Board exams like ‘Patrachar’ and ‘female candidates’

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on Wednesday announced that class 10 and class 12 exams for the ‘private category’ candidates will be held between August 16 and September 15 as per the policy framed by Supreme Court.

CBSE said results of the private candidates cannot be declared on the basis of an alternative assessment policy like that for regular candidates, as “neither schools nor CBSE has any previous assessment record for these students”. In a press release, the CBSE said that regular students are those studying in CBSE-affiliated schools and appearing in Class 10th or Class 12th examinations for the first time.

The private candidates include those who were regular students in CBSE earlier and failed to qualify in the first or second attempt or want to sit for improvement or in an additional subject.

Besides, some are private candidates from Delhi, who are allowed to sit for CBSE Board exams like ‘Patrachar’ and ‘female candidates’.

“In the year 2021, CBSE will declare the result of regular students as per the policy approved by Supreme Court of India. In the case of regular students, schools are having records of the assessment done by the schools during the current year and thus their results could be declared based on the assessment policy approved by the Supreme Court of India,” the release said.

“In case of regular students, schools have conducted a unit test, mid-term and pre Board examination and thus the performance of these students was available. However, in the case of private candidates, no records based on which their assessment could be done without conduct of examination as done in case of regular students is available and thus tabulation policy cannot be implemented,” it added.

The release said that a tabulation policy for the assessment of results was framed by a committee looking into all aspects of regular and private candidates.

“The board will conduct the exams for the private category of students between August 16 to September 15 and their result will also be declared in the minimum possible time to avoid any difficulty to them in admission in higher education. The notification in this regard will be issued soon,” CBSE said.

“UGC and CBSE are looking into the interest of all the students and UGC will be synchronizing admission schedule based on the result of these students as it was done by UGC in 2020,” it added.

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