Startup gifts two-wheeler riders with an anti-pollution helmet

Puros, the anti-pollution helmet made by Delhi startup Shellios Technolabs, comes as a saviour to two-wheeler riders who battle polluted air

Driving along the Delhi streets poses a huge challenge. Pollution levels the national capital region records every passing day could come as a major health hazard to every commuter and driver. In this context, much research had been on to keep the people safe from the ill-effects the bad air above Delhi.

A Delhi-based startup has now come up with a major solution to the pollution problem by building a helmet for two-wheeler users while they criss-cross Delhi. The helmet calls out its anti-pollution properties, thus aiding two-wheeler riders breathe clean air.

Developed by the startup called Shellios Technolabs, the helmet sports a Bluetooth-enabled app that lets the rider know when the helmet requires cleaning. After having received seed funding from the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Shellios was incubated at Science and Technology Entrepreneur Park Noida.  A slew of commercialisation deals followed with leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) as they were keen to adopt the anti-pollution helmet for their two-wheeler customers.

OEMs adopt anti-pollution helmet for consumers

The helmet which has achieved Technology Readiness Level (TRL) level 9 has been granted utility patent. Now on sale across the country for Rs 4500, the helmet brand named Puros has of late inked a deal with Royal Enfield Motorcycles to commercialize the product. The next version of Puros will be available at Royal Enfield outlets.

Going by the brains behind Shellios, they arrived upon the thought of building Puros after they found the challenges faced by bikers when the weather gets colder and ruins the air quality in Delhi. The new invention is helping two wheeler riders who have prolonged daily exposure to bad air.

Feature-rich Puros helmet available across the country

Puros comes incorporated with air purifying accessories that include the patented innovations of the startup. They include a Brushless DC (BLDC) blower fan, High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter membrane, electronic circuit, and microUSB charging port integrated into the helmet. The purifying system set at the back of the helmet picks up all particulate matter coming from outside and cleans the air before it reaches the biker, said a DST communication.

It has been reported that the anti-pollution helmet abides by all mandatory standards stipulated by the government. All of 1.5 kg in weight, the Puros anti-pollution helmet ensures exposure reduction by more than 80 percent, as per the DST findings.

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