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Terrorism Charges Laid Against Four Suspects in Moscow Concert Hall Attack

Ukrainian President Condemns Russian Attempts to Shift Blame in Wake of Moscow Tragedy.

Moscow, March 25, 2024 – In the wake of the devastating terrorist attack at the Crocus City Hall concert venue near Moscow, four suspects have been charged with terrorism, local media sources revealed on Monday. The assailants, all citizens of Tajikistan, were swiftly apprehended and have been remanded to pre-trial detention until May 22, as ordered by a Moscow district court, according to reports from Russia’s TASS news agency.

The attack, which unfolded on Friday night, saw gunmen unleash a barrage of gunfire indiscriminately upon concertgoers, resulting in a tragic toll of at least 137 lives lost. The ensuing chaos and flames led to the catastrophic collapse of the venue’s roof, amplifying the scale of the horror.

Terrorism Charges Laid Against Four Suspects in Moscow Concert Hall Attack
Four Suspects invloved in Moscow Concert Hall Attack

Russian President Vladimir Putin, addressing the nation via televised broadcast, condemned the heinous act and vowed to pursue justice with unwavering determination. Preliminary investigations have suggested the involvement of external forces, with Putin alleging Ukrainian complicity in facilitating the perpetrators’ movement across borders. In response, he declared March 24 as a day of national mourning, urging unity and resolve in the face of terrorism.

Four Suspects invloved in Moscow Concert Hall Attack
Moscow Agencies while presenting the suspctes in the court

The death toll continues to climb, with the Russian Investigative Committee confirming a grim count of 137 fatalities, including three children. Efforts to identify victims and survey the crime scene persist, with 62 bodies already recognized. Authorities have assured the absence of explosive devices at the site, quelling fears of additional threats.

Further details emerged regarding the weaponry and equipment seized from the attackers. Law enforcement recovered four combat gear sets, along with more than 500 cartridges and 28 magazines, as well as two Kalashnikov rifles. Additionally, a Makarov handgun and a Kalashnikov magazine were confiscated from the suspects during their apprehension in the Bryansk Region.

The Investigative Committee pledged to take rigorous measures to ensure the prosecution and accountability of the detained suspects. Meanwhile, the scope of the tragedy has prompted a nationwide outpouring of grief and solidarity, with citizens mourning the loss of innocent lives and standing resilient against acts of terror.

Amidst international reactions, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky issued a scathing denouncement of Russian attempts to deflect blame, stating, “What happened in Moscow yesterday is obvious, and Putin and other scums are trying to shift the blame to someone else. Their methods are always the same.” Zelensky condemned the exploitation of such tragedies for personal gain and reiterated the imperative of holding terrorists accountable.

As investigations continue to unfold, the nation remains steadfast in its commitment to upholding peace and security, determined to thwart the scourge of terrorism and preserve the sanctity of life.

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