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Jordan King Abdullah Warns of Escalation in Gaza Conflict During Month of Ramadan

King Abdullah II Urges Immediate Ceasefire Amidst Growing Tensions, Calls for Protection of Innocent Civilians.

In a recent statement, King Abdullah II of Jordan issued a stark warning regarding the potential escalation of conflict in Gaza during the upcoming holy month of Ramadan. The King emphasized the urgent need for concerted efforts to secure an immediate and lasting ceasefire in the region, cautioning that failure to do so could result in a dangerous widening of the conflict.

During a meeting in Amman with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, King Abdullah underscored the importance of protecting innocent civilians caught in the crossfire. He reiterated Jordan’s commitment to providing essential humanitarian aid, relief, and medical assistance to the people of Gaza amidst the ongoing hostilities.

Furthermore, King Abdullah reaffirmed Jordan’s steadfast opposition to any attempts aimed at dividing the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. He called for continued Arab unity and coordination to pursue a just and lasting resolution to the Palestinian issue, based on the principle of a two-state solution.

In response, President Abbas expressed gratitude for Jordan’s unwavering support and solidarity in the face of the Hamas-Israel conflict. He stressed the vital importance of ongoing collaboration and consultation between Jordan and Palestine to advance the Palestinian cause and safeguard holy sites, particularly in Jerusalem.

The warning issued by King Abdullah reflects growing concerns over the potential escalation of violence in Gaza, particularly as the holy month of Ramadan approaches. With tensions already running high, the international community faces mounting pressure to take decisive action to prevent further bloodshed and facilitate a peaceful resolution to the longstanding Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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